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Repairing broken stems with straws


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Hi! I had to find a trick to repair a few broken stems (death by yoyo!).
It is in my grow journal but I thought i could share it here too.

Using straws to repair broken stems

- Take a straw and cut small section of the length of the stem you need to repair, then cut it open from top to bottom.
- keep the straw open between your fingers, and place it against the stem, then let it close around the stem.
- 1 straw is not enough: 3 layers seems enough (depends on the straw you use).

- On the pic below, the stems were broken, and the buds were falling down. So i repaired them with a straw.
- They are straight up again.
- The stems were broken by yoyos. Straws can be used as an "armor" to prevent harm by yoyos.


it is like a broken leg or arm.
The straw gives it rigidity. it is also large enough to let the stem grow thicker until the straws are removed.
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