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Replacement parts for Puffco Peak Vaporizer- Bowls / Bubbler / Carb Caps


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Puffco Peak Silicone Carbide Bowl

These Silicone Carbide Bowls for the Puffco Peak provide exceptional flavour and allow lower temperature use with their superior thermal performance. These bowls are very efficient and add a cool look to your Peak as well. A unique and premium upgrade to your Puffco Peak! Silicone Carbide bowls may have small imperfections on the very edge of the bowl due to the manufacturing process but they are very stable and will not chip/flake off in any way.

Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl

The Puffco Peak is the hottest thing to happen to the concentrate world in a while, and these Replacement Ceramic Bowls are an easy and affordable way to bring that fresh vape feeling back. These Ceramic Bowls fit and function just like the original bowl, and can be cleaned (carefully) with a torch when dirty, just like the OEM models.
We get these ceramic bowls custom made by our manufacturer, they do not come from Puffco

Puffco Peak Titanium Bowl

These Titanium Bowls for the Puffco Peak are virtually indestructible and do a great job retaining heat. The walls are thin enough to heat quickly while still retaining the incredible strength of titanium. A great way to add durability and a fresh new look to your Puffco Peak!


all these Puffco peak accessories was not from official but it works great ! check our store ! VapingFans
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