replenished nutes and added new water


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hey there to all great growers of the 420 community. Just an update. I finally got around to changing my nutes and water. Still looking good. plants are about 6-8 inches tall, fatty fan leaves and shoots coming in great. The only thing that I'm kinda worried about is the roots. They are very healthy and about 12-16 inches long. But im worried about them tying into each other and binding this a prob or not??

The nutes i'm using came with my hydro setup. I have a mirco supp and a grow supp for the vegg.And another mirco supp and a bloom supp for the flower stage. As well as the vegg nutes work I hope that the flower nutes work the same. They came with the system and the place i got them from said they work with any plants. So I hope to pull a great crop.

I cant figure out how to post pics in thread and I've tried to follow the instructions that akorn posted but to no evail. so my pics are posted in member galleries and plants. so take a look and tell me what ya think



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hey man how'd ya do that??? Ive tried like 5 times. I have a mac with no right click to bring up properties so I cant figure it out, but thanks, thats great. these pics were at 14 days. How do you start a journal??
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