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Posted by: Verysad
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OK folks, just a word of caution about synthetics.
60 years old, smoked since about 14. Good career and no problems.
Oh ya, live in FL. Left my lifetime career and decided on something new.
Have owned HD motorcycles for 40+ years. Applied for job with them and got it.
Oh shit, drug screen, really? OK, back to this shit. I'll use my tried and true method that has worked well in the past. Quick Fix 5.7.1 no uric. It's FL, was told it was ok by Spectrum. Batch good too.
Short story long, I failed due to not having characteristics of human urine!
The reason I told you folks all the bullshit was to make a point. 40 years no arrests no positives on record and it took a pre employment drug screen for me to get caught.
What a bitch. Use only products with uric acid regardless of what state you live in.
P.S. If you live in FL, please vote in November and vote YES on medical bud.
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