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Repotting questions? Noob alert


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Ok so its the first grow ive done and it had grown to the bottom of my 20cm pot... I watered it then left it for 12 hours and repotted it, its now in a 5 litre pot ( sorry usa )

2 questions:

Does it matter if some dirt is now like stuck to my leafs or wedged in some parts of the stem

And a small bit of root came off the plant when i was putting her in does this matter and will the plant be a bit stressed now due to moving pots?

Pic of its new home:
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Fuzzy Duck

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Dirt stuck to leafs or wedged in stem is not a great deal of a problem it will eventually free it self, give it flick or prod once its dryed.

Broken roots oh, ah...

Thats just fine it encourages more root growth :thumb:

In fact i once worked in a plant nursery where they encourage use to break the roots of root balled plants to aid in new root growth :peace:


Yeah, for sure. When we repot we cut off a quarter inch (sorry euros (zing!)) or so off the sides of the root ball. It is easier to do in square pots, but we do it on round rootballs as well.

The plants love it.
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