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Republicans Use Fake Pot Legalization Petition To Register People As Republicans

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Republicans in Orange County, California have been caught using phony petitions to legalize marijuana to secretly register people as Republicans in the midterm elections.

Full legalization of marijuana is on the ballot in California this year, which could be the first state in the nation to completely and officially remove the prohibition of it. The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 is a measure that has energized many people not normally involved in the political process.

The Republican Party has long been known for blatant deceptive practices. For instance, both in 2004 and 2008, fliers were circulated in spots that said that to accommodate high turnout, Republicans are to vote on Tuesday, and Democrats on Wednesday (the day after the polls have closed). These fliers were done using the state board logo and the state seal in the latter case.

Another case involved the Republican fundraising letter mailed out this year that was designed to look exactly like the 2010 Census form. As participating in the census is a requirement in America as mandated by the constitution and ordinary people are still suffering under this Great Recession, raising money off unwitting victims is particularly unscrupulous.

The conservative side of the political spectrum seems to be engaging in deceptive practices with greater frequency and larger scope recently. From the blatant lies circulated about health care reform to the current round of fear mongering and deception about the reforms of Wall St. and our immigration system, there seems to be a certain Truthiness going on here.


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Full legalization is not on the ballot this November! This bill on the ballot is a sham of a law and it reeks of big money grab by Oaksterpooper Richard Mo $ Lee and his gang of thiefs! Don`t vote Republican in November and Don`t vote to tax,regulate,and control your mind ether!
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