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repurposed optics


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I'm sure I'm like many who find the radioshak pocket microscope sucks. what I have found that works well(at least for me) are simple inexpensive (less then 20 used on ebay)The trick is for proper eye placement you need to look into the end that normally goes into the telescope. If your a astronomer like me you shoud have some M.A or Plossl eyepeices give it a try, if your not and interested in trying I'd suggest 12-15mm plossl I find them better cause it's smaller easier to hande better eye pacement better field of view and my lens end up .25-.5" away from my bud and not smashing into them
My roommate was trying to canibaize a camcorder for it's lens when he was done he left a bit behind. it was the rubber piece you hold to your eye attached to a bit of pastic with a lens inside, it seems it clipped onto the main body of the camera. it's coud be a little more powerful but it's enough to see trics it amost as good as a eyepiece opticaly but a lighter weight making it easy to hold with your cheek for hands free operating
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