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Requesting Assistance Please - Bud Pics

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I am a brand new grower. Bought a tent, in-line fan, 300watt LED panel, the whole works.

Started the bloom phase on 12/25 and everything has progressed very well using the GH chemical nutes. Today, there seems to be some difference in my buds that I would like you guys to take a look at. I'm hoping beyond hope they it's not powder mold. Yesterday, the humidity got up to 53 percent for a couple hours until I got it under control.



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She looks fine to me.

I think what you may be talking about is the trichomes are starting to come out.

The light does look very close in the pic.

Other then that all looks good to me.

53% is not very high. I am growing in 60 to 70% a lot of the time.
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Thanks! I want to harvest ASAP, getting the noids. But I know some of the rules regarding discoloration of pistils and trichomes, so I'm trying to be patient. Pain relief is my driver. Concerning preharvesting the top 2 flowers, does it harm the plant to take the top 2-3 feet as a tester and to get them away from the light. I do have one of the tallest branches tied a few degrees away from the light with wire. I'd kind of like to dry em out and consume them, but does it hurt?