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Researchers Develop DNA Database For Cannabis

Jim Finnel

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Researchers in Canberra have helped develop a DNA database for cannabis to help police investigators better track the illegal drug.

The Australian National University and Canberra's TAFE worked with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on the project.

The AFP's Forensic and Data Centre manager, James Robertson, says it has taken more than a decade to develop the technology, which will help detect bigger drug busts.

"An investigator might have a number of cannabis seizures, but no way to show whether they're related or not and through this technique you'll be able to compare them and look to see if they've had a common source," he said.

"If there's other investigative information then that might show that there's been a conspiracy to grow say a commercial quantity."

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BULLSHIT. im from canberra and it disgusts me that my fellow towns people would do such a thing lol. i suppose that it doesnt matter to much for the personal grower:439: but the commercial growers may be in a bit of strife
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