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Reservoir temp question: Is 75 too much?

What to do about my res temperature?

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My res was running 80 degrees, added a Coolworks iceprobe and it went down to 75, am I ok? If I need to get my temp down further the next step would be to add another ice probe or just step up and maybe go with a JBJ 1/15 mini arctica chiller (its very small and fits available space). I hear the JBJ mini is really quiet (just like the ice probes) and thats what I need. Opinions and plus/minus would be greatly appreciated... thanks ahead of time everybody! :Hookah:


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i stay between 60-69. i think 75 is to hot, IMHO. i know when the streams around my way hit the 68 mark the trout start dying due to low dissolved o2. Check out my chiller its a DYI one but very efficient. If i had the $ I WOULD GET A CHILLER :) just got to watch out because they produce heat.


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The 1/15 mini arctica doesnt qualify?

I think the 1/15 hp isn't a true compressor style chiller. I have a similar one that is called the CL85 that works on the same principal as the chill blocks. It might be OK on a res of 10 gallons but anything over that it is useless.

I'll do a quick check on the arctica to see. I replaced mine with an AquaChill 132, it is rated for a res up to 132 gallons, and can keep the temps at a constant temp within 1 degree. It is very quiet, my airpump makes more noise.


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Just checked on the 1/15 Arctica, it does in fact have a compressor. A bit pricey for a 1/15, the 1/10 Aquachill is about the same price and give you room for expansion.

I found mine online for about $280 new. If I can dig up the store I'll PM it to you. The JBJ has a 40 gal res cap, the AquaChill has a 132 cap.
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