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Resevoir and nutrient mixing?


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Hi all, I'm trying to figure out some things and i know all you experienced peeps can help me out. I checked the PPM of my aged tap water its around 270-300 PPM thanks to DANK i know to keep my ppm around 400-600 for clones, but Around what ppm should i leave my res. during veg. and later when i use blooming what ppm should that be.Also about mixing nutrients. They have the gro formula, bloom formula, secondary formula, plus some other nutes that are supposed to give ur plants a boost or special something. Now do i mix grow fomula with other fomula's like secondary or boost at same time in res. or am i supposed to use in seperate res. To make it simple, Will mixing more then 1 formula in resevoir end up with a toxic slolution. So for my Veg. resevoir i would mix 1/2 Veg. nutes+1/8 secondary nutes + whatever else or would this be over doing it. Since its my first hydro grow i'm just not 100% on all these things. Help a brotha out, i'd also appreciate any other you could provide for a noobie, problems you ran into ur first time, any info would be a big help. THANKS A LOT ALL Y'ALL ON 420.:37::headbang::rasta:
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