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I when I first made a grav-bong I noticed that it left resin on my lips, not pleasant. This happened again to me the other day when I hit an acrylic bong but I use this bong fairly often and its only happened maybe twice. This happen to anybody and u know why?


It's never happened to me, but then I have never smoked out of your grav-bong.


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Is the bong clean? Obviously if its really dirty, that could be the problem, but im sure you wouldv'e know that so its prolly not that. :3:

Did you smoke the same bud outta the grav-bong as in the acry. bong? Maybe the herb your smokin is doing it, I dunno only time I get residue on my lips is from the end of a blunt or joint when it poo's that brown gunk.

Is it a visible residue or just a residue you can feel on your lips?


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Its the same kinda nug and you would think it happened when the bong was too dirty but it happens completely randomly and not very often. Its just like the res after a joint of blunt but instead of getting caught at the end, it gets on my lip. It's not visible at first, I can only feel it on my lips but if wipe my mouth with a paper towel or tissue its pretty disgusting. My best guess is if the bud is burned very quickly, and pulled through quickly the resin in the smoke has less time to cling to the walls of the bong or whatever.

Either way I'm not a big fan


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its all good. i was honestly just curious. its crazy cause the bong, while being acrylic which as first just made me think it was a shitty bong, is about 2 1/2ft tall and triple chambered (with all the tubes and whatnot.)


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Hey, I know exactly what you're talking about.

My friends call me TheResinMan for a good reason. About a 2 months ago I got this new bong from the head shop down the street. The bowl a one piece bubbler ash catcher...also the down stem is a bit short ( it also has diffuser slits in the bottom of the downstem) and the ice catcher i think is a little too dented in, it is like someone pushed in the side of the bong with a golf ball, (I think it causes almost a straw effect that may allow little particles to be sucked up! but I'm not sure) Anyway, at first it was fine, no issues, but after the bowl resinated a little, making it harder to suck bowls through, I started getting this brown "resin" on my lip, sometimes a little on my tooth or tongue. Quite annoying, it smells like resin. I thought it was happening because the bong was dirty, so I cleaned it w/ 420 cleaner and took a nice big rip, what happened, EVEN MORE RESIN. I also noticed sometimes it is worse if I have chap stick on or something for some reason the resin just forms on the oil like substance. Anyway, It just means you're a Savage if you can produce resin and someone else can't with the same piece.




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i dont know why..but every time i take knife hits my tooth ALWAYS resinates on 1 spot. every time. but only knife hits..........?? lol:439:
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