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Resin and trichome question


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Hey all,

I'm at the 6th week of flowering in soil and was wondering what i can do to
ramp up the resin content on my girl's.

Can i play with my room temperature's to help?

Can i just use molasses here on out since i have 8 week strain's?

Smokin Moose

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At this late stage, what I would do is add some diluted, fresh squeezed orange juice to your girls. 250ml of strained fresh juice to 1 gallon of water. Apply to medium when watering. Fresh fruit juice is far better than molasses, as the fruit sugars are more simple sugars, and can be immediately uptaken by the plant. Do NOT use bottled or concentrated juice - the sugars are not as good as fresh fruit sugars (ie. the fructose). You could also give a light foliar spray of sea tea which will def help your buds and resins.
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