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Resin - Can you smoke it?


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I clean the resin outta my pipes every time I run outta bud so I can catch a lil' buzz:3:, I've been doing this for years now and I've always heard it was bad for you but I do it anyway. With that said is resin ok to smoke? Is it bad for you? Harmless? Anyone else smoke resin more than they need to? Can anyone provide some science to back up some facts??? Help please.

I haven't experienced any problems from this or smoking, that I know of at least. :hmmmm:

I get really stoned sometimes, depending on what I smoked prior in the pipes and it doesn't seem like a different high, maybe just more intense muchies!:laugh2:

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Apart from the God awful taste, you are smoking concentrated tars and burn residue which can certainly do no good for your lungs. Sure, if you are desperate, go for it but don't complain.


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Okay. Straight up, imo, smoking resin is much better than spending all day driving around looking for someone that's holding. As far as productivity level goes, I go with smoking resin over that.

It does have a horrible taste and I've only smoked it a couple of times. I wasn't really even buzzed but it was nice just to smoke and pretend I was.


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IMO it's better to just pick up some other day...


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99.9% of THC is vaporized when you torch the bowl to ashes. The resin contains minimal if any THC. Plus it's nasty shit to deal with. I'd pass on it if I was you. And if it comes down to a couple days of no smoking, you'll just get more buzzed when you do find some.


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Resin....aughhh!!! When I was younger & foolish I woud do gross stuff like that & hack/cough my toes up...Inhale clean fresh herb and always keep a little stash for those dry seasons, so no desparate measures are needed.:smoke2:


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Ok, first of all, I appreciate resin in times of need....like when im out, broke, and bored, I find happiness in my pieces...it totally leaves me feeling wonderful everytime...so i do not understand the claim that it has practically zero THC...i hit it twice and i'm good, which is surprising for how much I smoke.
Also, I have a theory that smoking resin, though it may taste bad is actually better for you rather than smoking the plant itself. When plant matter is burned, it releases co2 into the atmosphere..which is a ghg (green house gas)...AND worse of all, you are inhaling it straight into your lungs...Puget sound clean air in seattle issued that people stop using wood in their fireplaces because it was making the co2 concentrations in the atmosphere dangerously high...causing higher ppm of co2......-POLLUTION!
This took me by surprise.
Therefore, I think that resin is a recycling resource that may taste bad, but is actually easier on your body than smoking the plant matter.....and it really gets you there. haha

P.S. If you can help it, don't smoke the plant matter or the resin at all. Just get a vaporizer (or any other vape apparatus).....it shows no proven cause for lung damage

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:51:I am smoking a bowl of rez right now and it has got me pretty high. it seems like i am taking way smaller hits than i am, cause my hits f feel fine but im blowing a shit ton of smoke out. I am coughing a lot more, and my chest is burning a little though. haha. (i shouldn't be laughing). Its weird how it doesn't turn into like any ash though!


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Bump bump this thread. I'm looking for an answer to this question and it seems we have some holes left to fill.
First, why does resin get you high? Leftover THC? It makes sense when you think about it. Lets guess that .5% of the THC stays in resin. That would mean it takes 200 bowls to have enough resin to get you as high as 1 full bowl of bud. Seems about right to me.
Second, Is it toxic? People say it is but marijuana has no toxins so where would the toxins come from? Now I do know that scientific studies have shown that marijuana contains 50% more cancerous tars than tobacco. I'm hoping that the THC level in resin is high enough to kill off those cancerous cells.
The more I think about it the more resin sounds like hash. Really poor quality hash anyway. I don't know, does anyone have any input? Actual facts possibly? I know that facts are hard to come because we're not scientists, and real scientists aren't allowed to study it, but any input is appreciated ;)


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I have smoked resin weed many times, including now and it does get you high. I have a 3 foot bong and after about 3 months it will collect enough to fill its big bowl up and its better than of the actual bud I buy.

As far as scientific fact, I am not sure. Your explanation seems to make perfect sense though. And I'm not sure if its bad for you. I imagine it is. Its a pretty nasty substance. Hope i am a bit of help with the "does resin get you high?" because I am telling you. My eyes are red, and I am on cloud 9. So fire up that resin bowl and join, eh? :smokin:
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Dear avid readers

I am a science major and 420 friendly. I have just tested the experiment for smoking resin for the first time ever. Some claim that the resin has an insignificant amount of THC and more problems then is worth the trouble. Having now done it, I disagree with those people who claim to not get buzzed. I am very airy right now, to almost the same effect as regular cannabis. The difference is that there are more harmful toxins then the plant. Primarily there is an intake of large amounts of tar. My throat is very dry right now, worse then usual. I also find myself coughing more dry coughs. The other effects are all the same and in my recommendation, I am going to agree that scraping and smoking resin in the most desperate times is fine and normal. However to make it a regular event may be more harmful to your body and should be done so wisely and cautiously.


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So using a bong w/ precooler to smoke it may not be so bad... I wouldn't dare ruin my vape by using it in it.
When I read you were a science major I was hoping to see some kind of lab tests on the THC content lol. Guess my head's in the sky


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when i put crappy weed in my well seasoned pipe in small amounts, i get high. i can hear the resin burning and bubbling so i know it does something. not saying its good for you.


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i feel good as hell right now off some res i was smoking out of my bong:51:
i agree with doing it only on desperate occasions tho.
cant wait till i pick up.:slide:


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RESIN IS POISON it dosnt do anything. its no super hit its full of concentrated tar as someone said earlier and other concentrated poison smoking too much can give you poisoning from the chemical build up. that is fact from a scientific test. it contains very little to no thc


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Well according to my scientific experiment, it tastes horrible and makes my lungs feel like I just inhaled a flame. But I will say I think it depends a lot on the quality of stuff you used to make the resin. I use a special pipe just for the real good stuff and then will save the resin when I clean it. When things get dry, a few puffs will usually get me pretty good.
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