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Resin - Can you smoke it?


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<WARNING: Serious content ahead, lol. No offense intended.>

To me it's not a question of whether or not smoking resin will have an affect. It's loaded with CB*s and whatever THC condensed on the existing resin when the herb was being smoked.

I've seen some really addicted alcoholics drink all kinds of questionable (or just plain dangerous) stuff. It contained alcohol. It got them drunk. I always thought, "They drank THAT? As unhealthy as it is? Man... That's truly an addict. That person really ought to think about quitting. If they can."

Resin contains a fair amount of carcinogens. Not from the herb itself but from the incomplete combustion that takes place when it is burned. (I guess that vaporizer resin - if there is such a thing - would not have this problem.) That's bad. And I wasn't joking when I posted the comment about needing to scrape your lung tissue afterwards. Many people notice that their overall lung function is affected to some degree after smoking copious amounts of resin. Some even feel that their ability to enjoy smoking cannabis is compromised for the rest of the day or so. And then there's the headaches that many experience.

I hear about someone smoking it, I either think the person is a kid that just doesn't know any better yet... or that the person is really addicted and should think about quitting. If they can."

And yeah, I like to medicate and even just catch a buzz now and then. And I'm poor. You'd think I'd advocate a chance at a "free" stone.

You'd be wrong.


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That strait up is not true, I smoked out of the same pipe for 2 years never scrapping it, i finally decided to give her a cleaning and removed 10 grams of the gunk. I didnt have to buy weed for a week! I was so stoned everyday i didn't even have the energy to get up and eat food i was starving. So i needed to finish this res and get to eating! So in the end yes you definitely can smoke it and you will be ripped.


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Welcome to 420Magazine, ImStoned.

Think nobody's arguing about whether or not smoking the stuff will produce an affect. Drinking 'shine made from old radiators and the like will produce an affect too. It's just not recommended for long-term health, lol.

BTW - You smoked for two years out of one pipe and didn't have to clean it out during the two years? Don't smoke much?


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TorturedSoul - The allusion to similarities between dependency levels of a person who smokes resin on occasion to an alcoholic on moonshine was pretty ignorant of you. It's a little shocking actually. You're perception seems a little hazy - are you high? No of course not, because you would not have compared yourself to a fiend. You sound like a mom.

are you a mom?

...milf!? I'd dig that.

But yo for real, I honestly don't care, I'm fried. EZ


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Would like to add my 2cents if i may:
Take into account what has been said about resin (with exception of low THC content) THC content of resin, would depend on the THC content that the resin was produced from. I go to the medical dispensary here in Sacramento, CA and we have some of the finest products one can find. In las year alone, i hit over 139 different strains. Resin out of these buds, gets me BAKED with one hit. Only as last resort and in desperate time of need. Some of us actually do smoke for medicinal purpose, and dont have the option of "well ... wait a few days till you do have some buds" =) WRONG! the arm that has been re-attached, hurts NOW and doesn't come with a "mute" option.


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Man, all that shit about it not being bad for you is crap. OBVIOUSLY its terrible for you but MAN does it ever f*ck you up. We read all these posts before we tried it and uh, yeah it works.


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That strait up is not true, I smoked out of the same pipe for 2 years never scrapping it, i finally decided to give her a cleaning and removed 10 grams of the gunk. I didnt have to buy weed for a week! I was so stoned everyday i didn't even have the energy to get up and eat food i was starving. So i needed to finish this res and get to eating! So in the end yes you definitely can smoke it and you will be ripped.

Jeasus you must have not smoked that much i recently got a new chillum and had to clean it within a few days beacause the res was just much to intense to take rips from


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A word to the wise... couple weeks ago I cleaned my pipe with nail polish remover...got a ton of resin, and was pysched. I smoked it..big mistake..fucked me up bad...not a good idea.


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This thought will end this discussion...Get urself a bit tipsy on the sauce, then hit ur pipe and take a resin hit...you instantly feel it. The alcohol may intensify the effects, but there are effects nonetheless. And agreed..quality bud means quality resin.


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Alright, so I've read all the previous posts, the majority of which appear to be devoid of any real "fact," and some of which are just plain ignorant, showy and/or embarrassing. (Come on now, TorturedSoul and Hoady, who really CARES how often you smoke and/or have to scrape your piece? Is this a pissing contest? Besides, as is clearly evidenced by many of the previous posts, getting lit every day isn't any guarantee that a person has ANY idea what in hell they're talking about, anyway, so why should that matter here? Measure penises on your own time.)

So let's get down to the bare bones, if we can, because opinions don't matter much when it comes to getting high or staying healthy-- the honest facts do. (And let's be practical here-- a lot of us resort to smoking resin when we're low on cash, so maybe we should get to the bottom of this one, yes?) It seems that we can all (for the most part) agree that smoking resin gets us high. It would also seem, however, that we can't agree on what this "tar" stuff really is in the first place, or what it's doing to us when we smoke it.

What is resin, and why does it get us high? "Resin," as we're referring to it here, is simply the tar-like build-up of particles that have accumulated on the inside of a smoking piece over time as cannabis smoke is passed through it. It is, therefore, a concentrated residue of many of the same particles we're inhaling when we toke up, THC included. This sticky build-up is formed because of the THC particle's adhesive property, and it contains many of the other cannabinoids responsible for getting us high, as well. Resin may also contain cannabinol (CBN), a break-down product of THC also thought to contribute to the "high effect."

Earlier and somewhat accurately compared to a "low-grade" form of hash by another user, resin is a concentrated build-up of both the particulate chemical and plant matter present in marijuana smoke, and is, therefore, depending of course upon the quality of the cannabis from which it was created, more potent than the plant itself. Because THC naturally degrades over time and exposure to sunlight, however, resin's psychoactive properties-- like weed-- will weaken and cause more of a "dopey effect" with age.

On to health & safety. Is smoking resin carcinogenic? Well, obviously. Smoking ANYthing is carcinogenic, because SMOKE is carcinogenic. And it tears my throat up like a mother fucker. But how bad is it? Is smoking resin really that much worse for you than smoking good old herb, or cigarettes? Here I have a few ideas, some important questions, and a lot of partial information.

According to an article at Wikipedia.org, "A major 2006 study compared the effects of tobacco and cannabis smoke on the lungs. The outcome of the study showed that even very heavy cannabis smokers 'do not appear to be at increased risk of developing lung cancer,' while the same study showed a twenty-fold increase in lung cancer risk for tobacco smokers who smoked two or more packs of tobacco cigarettes a day. It is known that cannabis smoke, like all smoke, contains carcinogens and thus has a probability of triggering lung cancer, but THC, unlike nicotine, is thought to 'encourage aging cells to die earlier and therefore be less likely to undergo cancerous transformation.' Cannabidiol (CBD), an isomer of THC and another major cannabinoid that also grows on cannabis, has been reported elsewhere to have anti-tumor properties as well. However, in other studies, some cellular abnormalities were documented, indicating that a possible increase in lung cancer risk in very heavy users can not be completely ruled out."

While resin is not specifically mentioned here, this information would seem to suggest that smoking weed in any form is likely safer than smoking cigarettes. Still, however generally uplifting for us non-tobacco smokers, this doesn't satisfy the smoking-plant-matter-vs.-re-smoking-the-residue-of-already-burnt-plant-matter dilemma.

First off, common sense (along with the burning feeling in my chest) tells me that smoking resin will in fact clog up our lungs much faster than the average bowl. Along with its sticky, dense and tar-like appearance, we can look at what it's made of. If we're smoking a concentrated build-up of the particles present in marijuana smoke, it would follow that we're taking in more highly concentrated levels of particulate plant matter in addition to all those lovely cannabinoids. But what else is it doing to us? What are the differences in chemical products, if any, between the smoke produced by burning cannabis in different forms, and particularly as resin?

When you burn something, you're subjecting it to a chemical change (duh). While burning cannabis leaves many of the THC and other cannabinoid molecules intact, (hence we may inhale them, and they are present in the residue on our pieces), many of the other particles present in the burning plant matter undergo some kind of change. (Among these, for example, is CBN, a friendly THC break-down product I mentioned earlier.) What exactly are all of these chemical components, what changes do they undergo initially when we smoke them, and what further changes do they undergo when we burn them a second time inside our resin? Does essentially re-smoking already-smoked-weed produce anything new and dangerous we weren't initially exposed to? These are all important questions I'm regretfully ill-equipped to tackle.

It seems that scientists are still discovering new chemical components at work in the marijuana plant to this day, and clear, precise information is hard to come by. The following site (Erowid Cannabis Vault : Info on Smoke composition) shows an analysis and comparison of the amounts of some of the chemicals present in burnt marijuana and tobacco, both in mainstream smoke (gas/vapor) and particulate (dry/tar) phases. It is unclear to me, however, if the study was performed on marijuana tar in un-smoked or already-burnt form (or more clearly, hash or wax vs. resin). It is also only a partial chemical analysis, leaving much to be desired.

We of course have also yet to take into account here whatever harm is caused us by the more sustained inhalation of a larger quantity of butane while burning resin with a standard lighter. While most of the butane is burned off in the flame, the resulting gases from the burn-off and a small amount of unused butane are still inhaled. The resulting gases are little to worry about-- burning butane produces simply harmless H20 and CO2, only dangerous in large quantities (oxygen deprivation). The butane itself, however, is another story. According to Wikipedia, "Inhalation of butane can cause euphoria, drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia, and frostbite, which can result in death from asphyxiation and ventricular fibrillation. Butane is the most commonly misused volatile substance in the UK, and was the cause of 52% of 'solvent related' deaths in 2000." While the real danger here is obviously to those inhaling it directly, butane is nonetheless an evidently undesirable addition to our bowl of slow-to-burn resin.

I'd be really interested to hear some input, particularly from these users, if they're still around and get a chance to see this: lulzwhut, who would seem to actually know their stuff, and TorturedSoul, who despite an apparent emotional bias against resin-smoking and an air of condescension toward infrequent smokers, would likewise seem to have some grounded input. Of course, anyone with any real education or experience in the matter, or at least a willingness to intelligently entertain it, is encouraged to research and respond. Perhaps together we can get this squared away! In the meantime, I'll be here with my tar, getting lifted on a Friday afternoon.

Peace, love & chronic.


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Personally, I've never measured my penis on my own or anyone else's time. But since you mentioned it, my GF seems to find it more than adequate - and as she has in the past been a rather well-paid stripper, I would assume that hers counts as a professional opinion, lol.

As for being condescending, I have never (knowingly) given this impression. Still, like everyone else, I have my good days and my bad days, so I must admit the possibility. If this has been the case, I apologize.

Now, for the meat of your post... You have presented your thoughts well and have given me something to think about.

I have no real thoughts on the issue of butane being unhealthy when using it as lighter-fuel. My gut tells me that if the flame itself doesn't "dispense" with the butane, the heat would vaporize it before a person could draw a measurable amount into their lungs (unless they were using some kind of closed-chamber smoking device?). But there are certainly alternative means for creating a flame/heat-source, so if one is worried, one can simply use something else. And as you mentioned, those statistics are in relation to using butane as an inhalant - not as a lighter-fuel.

Some of what makes up resin is undoubtedly vaporized THC (et al) that has simply cooled enough to re-condense on the interior of the smoking device. I would guess that this would be no more unhealthy than it was in its original state. What concerns me is the portion of the resin that is made up from particulate matter from the combustion process itself - specifically those substances that are created by incomplete combustion.

It seems to me that when we speak of smoking resin, we are often meaning that we are vaporizing it - place a gob of it into a bowl and pull a flame through it and you can watch it boil. Mostly it is only the carbonized(?) remains of that bowl that actually will light, smolder with a "cherry," and produce smoke.

My lungs are not healthy. They were damaged when I was young, and I have been stupid enough to smoke cigarettes since. So I may notice it more than the average person, but I found that when I "smoked" resin, my lung-ability was depressed the next day. This might be due to the fact that when a person uses resin, he/she is ingesting a fairly large amount of material (vs. smoking bud) that will condense on the lung tissue, producing a barrier between that lung tissue and the oxygen in the air that we inhale when we breathe. I do not feel that this is at all healthy. Our lungs do not have pain receptors in them to tell us when something is irritating/damaging them. We can only infer it from the after-affects. Anyway, I do not believe that this is from the "actives" in the resin, because I have upon occasion consumed substantial amounts of potent hash and (full-dome clear melt) hash-oil without noticing any (obvious) lung issues the next day. To be fair, I sometimes slept most of the following day, lol, but...

I do not feel that it is a case of "re-smoking already-smoked-weed" - which is patently impossible - but rather "smoking" (mostly vaporizing, with the caveat I mentioned above) a combination of the byproducts of incompletely-combusted cannabis and the portion of the cannabis that was vaporized that has the highest vaporization temperatures (that which has a lower vaporization temperature, I would assume to have been completely inhaled when the cannabis was originally smoked as it would not have re-condensed during its short, quick, and hot trip through the smoking device). As such, it is quite possibly a different animal altogether.

I freely admit that much of this is supposition on my part and the rest is objective thinking formed from my own experiences. I have never sent a lump of resin off to be tested to find out exactly what it is composed of. I would like to, but I doubt that this would be free.

My main concern is that many people consume resin "because it gets you high, man" without giving even a though to the possibility that it might well be harmful. Let's face it, when it comes to things that will "f*ck your cookies ALL up," (as my ex- used to say), there are a number of substances that will do so in a far more potent way than cannabis, hash, or resin - but most of us want nothing to do with them, not because they are illegal or expensive, but because they are not healthy. <SHRUGS> When it comes to catching a buzz vs. the possible consequences of doing so, that is each person's choice. But a lot of the members here use cannabis for medicinal purposes. I do feel quite strongly that for those of us who do, smoking resin is the wrong thing to do.

You have given me something to think about. I do wish that someone would have their resin chemically analyzed, as I wonder what exactly IS in it.

BtW, welcome to 420Magazine!

Captain Kronic

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Man, I had no idea there was such need in the world... maybe I should send my resin to the marijuana poor of this world... LOL

I can't say I have never smoked resin but, that was more years ago than I can recall, most of my life has been spent in the bud rich country of So. Oreganja.

I usually scrape that shite out of my pipe because it blocks things up and tastes nasty... then what... I'm gonna put it back in my pipe and smoke it? Nah... that's just nasty!


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Smoking that nasty shit because you need to get high is like picking dried crusted food off the dirty dishes because you have the munchies.


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Wow, what a thread! Some good info on here, rezz is just one of those dark sides that we don't often talk about.. kinda greasy, I doubt any medical patient would ever have the reason to smoke it or even consider it. Myself I have toked rez once and a while over the years, mainly because of just running out of chronic and not always having a steady supply. It never tastes good, always gets me high, and usually makes me hate myself just a bit after toking it LOL. But hey here's hoping that those days are over, now that I have started supplying myself instead of relying on the street shuffle as I like to call it!


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I smoke my resin every time I run out of bud as well. I see a lot of you saying there isn't much THC in resin. From my experiance Resin gets me pretty blazed. It burns really slowly. I can def get more hits off a bowl of resin than a bowl of fresh bud. That being said, it taste REALLY bad but it gets the job done. Its def bad for you. That resin on your bowl is what would have been stuck to your lungs if it had made it in. No smoke in your lungs is good for you. But if you are in need of a smoke and have no bud....it is def a usful thing to know about.


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resid;e i though is what is call. i thought resin is the trichirome crystal ball part. but yea that black think and sometime decomose dense residule is really crazy. burn like for hours LOL. and it taste crazy but so dense you have to be high off of that LOL.

to be honest i i have smoke and burn it serveral time, when i short on weed. and too lazy to clean the bowl in my pipe or bong. is kind of light burnt weed isn't it. but alot more dense lest ashy and is more dense so more smoke.

hey whatever hit the blood in the lung you will feel right. is really not a clean high and feel kind of bad smoking it with the pure weed.

i think it has to be not heathy bad for you. the taste is kind of like the weed from the weed you know. and the smoke seem to be really thinker than the weed. and if you ask me bud smoke are extremely thick already. but tobacco some are very heavy as well. is you flake just alittle like the say you do with hash. i guess is less harmful and better if you some it like so.


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This is a great thread, just don't step in the bullshit.:51:

Skunky made some great points. Especially about quality of resin and THC degradation.

I wanted to address the person who believes they are just inhaling lighter fluid. Burning lighter fluid doesnt create smoke. When you smoke resin there is a heavy smoke.

For example: if you are smoking resin. Say out of a bong, if you put your lighter to the resin and start tokin immediately.......there is a good chance the resin won't fire. When you exhale that hit, there will be no smoke and you will taste lighter fluid.

If you keep the flame to the resin until you see wisps of smoke after it starts bubbling. Then you start hitting it you will get a heavy resin hit as the resin slowly starts to glow. The resin will be reduced to ash contrary to some of the things said in this thread.

In my experience with smoking resin. You must put the lighter on the resin and wait for the wisps of smoke to appear. It will start bubbling first..... I think(not sure)this is the moisture in the resin burning off. Some of the resin will liquify but there will be solid piece left that will glow when a flame is held to it

Resin gets me high. I dont make it a point to smoke resin except when everyone is dry. Obviously its not the best shit for you.....but I dont think anyone here is smoking resin on a daily basis. People who are worried about the health risks might be overplaying it.

When you think about your lungs and the damage smoking cause. What ends up killing you, is the constant year after year of daily smoking and that smoke and tar going into your lungs....its that build up and never letting your lungs clear by taking breaks(hopefully for at least a year) that will end up giving you complications.

So imho smoking resin every once in awhile is not as bad as some people are making it.


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You can but why would you? It is nasty.....

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