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Resin - Can you smoke it?


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Sometimes the level of ignorance of the average smoker amazes me. If you think resin is worthless and has no THC, then glob it all up in a big nasty sticky pile and send it to me. I'll gladly smoke it, or make cannabutter out of it, or smoke it. Yes, I said smoke it twice. I've been smoking for more than 20 years and I always clean my pipes and bongs when they get nasty. After all, even if you haven't run out of bud, you want to keep your equipment clean so that you can actually taste your pot, right? Anyway, I like to save small stems and bits of bud, put them in the bottom of a bowl and then drop a big ball of resin on top of that. One fat bowl of resin will burn literally all day long and gets you high as hell if it came from mostly good weed.

Now here's the science behind this: THC is removed from smoke by your lungs. 95% of the available cannabinols are absorbed by the lungs almost instantly on the first pass. So what you exhale is worthless. But the stuff that accumulates in your pipes and bongs, that's from sidestream smoke: meaning direct marijuana smoke that never had its THC removed by the lungs. So as that smoke builds up resin, that resin contains all the THC you would have inhaled if it hadn't been collecting on your pipe and bong instead; allowing of course for degradation by light and air.

Ultimately, resin is as good as whatever weed it came from because it's actually the remnants of hits that you never got to take. So enjoy your resin and stop being so ignorant.

I've been smoking for 40 years.....pipe resin, bong resin, what ever you want to call it, taste like the south end of a northbound donkey I don't care what the strain is :Namaste:

But, by all means, enjoy your resin :)


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I've been smoking for 40 years.....pipe resin, bong resin, what ever you want to call it, taste like the south end of a northbound donkey I don't care what the strain is :Namaste:

But, by all means, enjoy your resin :)

Meh, I never said it tasted good, but by the sounds of it you've had plenty when you needed to, which was my main point. Who would throw resin away? Do you?

By the way, plenty of weed strains taste like donkey butt too, and lots of strains will get you far less high than some good resin. For instance, I'd take the resin in my bong or pipe any day over Mexican brown, brick commercial, or dirt strains MK Ultra or Super 7:

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Super 7: Marijuana Strain Review: Super 7 | Marijuana Games

Personally, I only smoke resin when I am completely out of good bud, but that doesn't happen very often...which means I have massive stores of disgusting but potent resin available should I need it. Donkey butt sure works a hell of a lot better than nothing in a pinch!


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I have not smoked resin since my early 20's....when brown bag mexi was everywhere in the mid to late 70's and early eighties....that was many years ago.
Then the pnw and seattle underground started producing skunks.....that's when resin became extinct for me. :circle-of-love:

QUOTE: Who would throw resin away? Do you?

Me.... yes, by the grams each week.
I'm a grower (like everyone here) and because I have excess I have turned into a weed snob now.
I don't even let the bowl fully ash before dumping it a filling it again.

For me, resin will take the edge off and satisfy the urge, but also for me I just don't have to.
I take taste and quality over leftovers and scrapings, just my personal preference.

To each there own :thumb:


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I have to agree with Heady, after 14 years of smoking I too have become a "weed snob" I'd honestly rather just not smoke for the day if that's all I have. I won't even burn a bowl to the bottom anymore once I can tap it down to ashes I kick it instead of smoking the rest.


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when I'm down to my last couple bowls of weed with no fresh supply in sight, I will clean the resin in all my pipes & mix it with my regular weed. Now I have double the amount of pot which I call "black gold" I still get a decent buzz without the crappy taste.


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I've been smoking a LONG time, and have on MANY occasions reverted to desperate measures and smoked the resins from a pipe.
I agree the taste is just nasty, but I've ALWAYS gotten BAKED on just a few hits.
Good for you? I'm sure it won't kill you but it IS for emergency only.


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no that is a different type of resin, that is the type of resin similarly extracted and one of the main components of hash oils :) so that should be just fine. That resin has not already been smoked and turned into a bubbling compound of carbon and tar, its fresh from the plant. you should be totes good on that :3:


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Been there, done that and ain't going back! I'll quit smoking before I smoke that again. Does that make me ignorant? Which makes you cough more? A nice rip of killer bud from a bong or a hit of ashy tar? Enough said! When you get to be in your 50's you'll appreciate your lungs as well!


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Please don't smoke resin. It's so incredibly unhealthy and is a leftover by-product meant to be disposed of.

An analogy: Someone says that eating feces is okay because there are still micro amounts of edible substances left in it.


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I'm curious as to why it doesn't make me cough.

I don't smoke all day. Just in the evening. Sometimes I skip a day. Sometimes I skip two days.

The "resin" I'm recently experiencing isn't loaded down, sticky stuff. I use a light, flexible tool to get the dry stuff. It's more fine.

When I smoke it, I have zero urge to cough. I don't smoke cigarette's. My co-workers who smoke cigarettes cough much more.

I cough more when smoking bud, just after a very large hit, perhaps.

I'm not a scientist or doctor, but I would tend to correlate the body's reaction to a substance along with how harmful that substance is.

I'm convinced there's active effective chemicals or molecules, be it THC or canabinoids or whatever, in resin. A lower amount? Maybe. A different feel? I say more of a body high. This could be based on whatever was dominant in what was scraped, but I'd say a resin feel is even possibly more up lifting.

Or maybe I just got lucky tonight. ;)


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I was just smoking a bowl a resin and found this post. I am a confessed longtime resin smoker.

Is it harmful? You better believe it. This is only to be smoked, as others have mentioned, when you are desperate, broke, or depressed.
Does it get you high? Yes, and it ranges depending on the type of resin you're dealing with (yes, TYPES).

Fresh Resin - Most abundant after smoking very kiffy and crystalized high quality bud. The kif from this bud does not completely burn and will congeal onto the sides of your bowl as a half-burnt kif resin. This type contains the most THC.

Hard Resin - This is what you find lodged in your pipe after a week or two of smoking fresh bud. It has been congealed into a harder resin with less THC than in Fresh Resin. It chips right off and crumbles.

Wet Resin - This is the worst resin you can smoke. Most apparent after about a month of constant pipe use with much of the Fresh and Hard resin constantly re-burned and broken down into a much more gooey resin. Especially apparent if you already smoked some resin in the bowl. The resin of resin falls under this category. This has the highest amount of tar and the least amount of THC.

After years of smoking resin on occasion, being generally broke for most of my existence, I've built an iron lung that can withstand tons of smoke without so much as a cough. Resin still hurts my lungs when I smoke it, makes my lungs feel dirty or congested, and always tastes like utter shit.

I fully recommend this as a last resort. You should always hold out for fresh bud if the sobriety is worth it to you. I recommend whenever possible to mix resin with blunt paper or bits of actual bud to smooth out the smoke.

To battle lung congestion and general ill-feeling in that area, I use Lung Cleanse. It's fully organic and helps clear out my lungs when they hurt or when I'm having a coughing fit.

Peace my brothers and sisters


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I actually tried a little experiment recently to test the effects of smoking resin... I live in the great state of CO and am a medical patient, so finding good cheap stuff is not hard, but I've smoked it before and will surely smoke it again. So here's what I did, I bought the cheapest little glass piece of junk pipe for $5 and knew eventually I'd just break it to get at the goo-ey crapness. I only smoked high quality bud which is important and only used the bowl 3 months (until it got too clogged to enjoy a session) before putting it in a plastic bag and smashing it a bit. I then used gloves, a guitar pick, and needle to get at the stuff, separate some glass, & form a couple small less than dime size balls (there was a ton of the stuff but I only used a little...for now lol). I then put a screen over my bong bowl and put one on the side of the bowl (to where it's easy to torch with a standard lighter...not in the middle) fill the bong up with cold water and ice cubes above the perc. From there it's just go to town and burn it up. It starts flickering a lot at first cuz it's so moist still, but eventually your left with a everlasting tarball and I found that not clearing the bong every time makes it easier to keep the thing burning. Overall I was satisfied with my free buzz. It tastes bad but this experience was my best yet with resin, compared to just dry hitting a bowl. I'd be worried that the heat and butane chemicals would just destroy your lungs with too much use. That's another thing, it's definitely not a healthy choice you make for your body, but in a pinch I don't see too big a problem. I'm a tobacco user too so it's not like I'm a giant health nut anyways. It's definitely a different high, and not a bad one. Also, afterwords when you find some flower after smoking resin in a pinch, it taste amazing and the high is fantastic. I wrote this high off my ass off of some saliva dominant strain called Flo which is the first time I smoked since the resin drought. Amazing buzz. I recommend smoking resin in a pinch or last resort for sure!


On the subject of resin, I've been using it between weed purchases ever since I started in my teens ~ The highs I get from it are more intense than pot, but only lasts about an hour vs. 2 hrs on pot. It's a good excuse to keep the pipe cleaned-out & is a fun sort of ritual searching & discovering all the hidden black junk. It may be terrible for you, but so is bacon & damned if I'm givin' up either :thumb:


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On the subject of resin, I've been using it between weed purchases ever since I started in my teens ~ The highs I get from it are more intense than pot, but only lasts about an hour vs. 2 hrs on pot. It's a good excuse to keep the pipe cleaned-out & is a fun sort of ritual searching & discovering all the hidden black junk. It may be terrible for you, but so is bacon & damned if I'm givin' up either :thumb:

This plant really does just keep on given!


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I have been smoking weed for quite a while, and burned untold amounts of resin. I have also been smoking cigs for just as long.
While resin is not the greatest for you, we would mix ash with our resin balls to keep them from being too sticky. This also allowed for a much faster heat up and not needing to torch it near as much as without the ash.
Now after being in the Army for 14 years I am a medical user, and primarily when I first got out I used a purple chamber pipe and smoked some chamber bud in it. That was some good stuff for sure.
I suppose that the bottom line here would be if your going to smoke resin it might be best to use something like ash to allow the air in there and enable a more complete combustion that will be at least a bit cooler. Incomplete combustion creates the most hazardous materials and lets face it, if your going to smoke resin lets try a little for harm reduction if nothing else. Is it good for you to smoke resin, my gut would say no but this plant is just amazing on what it can do. I am now in college full time, and might just be able to make some tests in the lab if the feds knock it down to a schedule II so my prescription is valid on campus. Then again I will be able to have the VA pay for my pot then too :high-five:
Of course best would be to have a way to vaporize it without flame, either indirect heat or some other method of choosing. Now I will every now and again break out with either a glass pipe or my bong, always have my mini glass pipe for if the fireflys batteries run low. But I clean the heck out of them, and have a legit and legal supply of weed that ensures I will never have a dry cycle. Most recreational users do not have this and will enjoy resin, I know I sure did.


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I've been smoking for over a decade now, and smoke resin regularly. My longs are no worse for wear when I smoke resin, though it is noticeably harsher--probably because it burns hotter.

There's no logic in saying it contains no THC. If it contained no THC, then the smoke you inhaled that it is a byproduct of had no THC. I've yet to see anyone send any resin in to be analyzed, but I would bet money you would find high cannabinoid levels.

In my opinion it's kind of wasteful and misleading for people to look down on people who smoke resin like it's only something to save for desperation. It actually doesn't taste that bad if you don't leave it in your bong for 6 months and treat it like the last resort. I use to scrape my bong clean after about every sack because in my opinion I bought the resin as much as I bought the weed.


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Obviously this is not a "how to" smoke bong residue, but the grossness of doing it.
Truth is, in life we have to adapt. Something that might seem gross one day can be the 'trend' tomorrow. I'm just a simple man who is trying to find out how to get weed in an unfamiliar area, or find a way to use the residue in my bong to get high. Coz at the moment, I have no options.... Well I have 2 options, and neither nclude smoking a bit of weed after a hard days work. Is it too much to ask to smoke some weed (that grows on trees) and drink a few beers on a hot day? How is it I can catch a local train 2 stations away n score "ice" off a random, but I struggle to buy something that grows on trees. If weed was a "gateway drug" then that gate is closed.
Snce my dealers keep falling off the face of the planet..due to ice addiction.... Im struggling to find a hidden dealer website that will allow me to have weed delivered. If I wanted a prostitute (example), I could order it online and she would be here in 20 mins max. Weed, however, I cant even score off an 'ice' dealer.... WTF world?!!!! I'm gonna scrape the residue out of my stem/ cone right now n hopefully will feel the same effect. S.O.S (Save Our Smokers) !!!! any advice?
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