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Hello my bredrens. My name is Ras and im from NY by way of St.Criox (Virgin Islands). Im an avid grower and smoker. I love watching to see what other people grow & the techniques they use but we (me & my brother) are into the old school way of growing. We only grow for us & the family/close friends so yeild is not so much of an issue. We're into quality...taste & the type of high is everything. Us being Rasta's, its important. My brother is currently in his 6th season of selective breeding. Im more into growing my personal favorites (OG Kush, Sour D./Kush, N.Lights, N.Y. Diesel) Im not looking to explore some new strains. We are outdoor only guys. No special soil other then our own mix. No store brought nutes. Good old Wood coal, manure, peat moss, etc. Looking forward to being a part of this lovely forum. Im an Admin/Mod to a few well known car forums so im very forum savvy.

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Good to see you posting on 420mag. I grow inside and out and use HPS,MH,T5,T8,CFL and LED :) All for the love of growing. I wish you the best.


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Here's what we grew last season. This is 5 yrs of breeding came out to.

Here's is Auntie from season before last. We take the husband and wife to my house so it doesn't pollinate the other plants. Then we spend all winter looking for the right mate for its offspring. This way we're able to have some great sensi and still be able to breed. This year i decided to grow so no love shacking plants.

I'll post some pics of my own babies soon.
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