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Restless Legs Syndrome by Anonymous

Julie Gardener

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Restless Legs Syndrome by Anonymous​

Anyone who has "restless legs syndrome," such as I, will tell you how frustrating it is to lie awake late at night trying to flex or constrict your leg muscles to get enough relief to fall asleep. That's why the official newsletter of the RLS Foundation is named "Nightwalker."

I've suffered with this condition ever since the late 70's, when I had a slight mishap riding a horse. The only over-the-counter remedy, Q-Vel, was taken off the market some time ago, and there is presently no "legal" means of relief.

I have found that smoking 1/2 of a marijuana cigarette at bedtime relaxes my entire muscular structure while seeming to increase circulation. The effect takes place at once. My legs stop jerking spasmodically. I am able to go to sleep immediately, and wake up five hours later with no side effects. I am alert, cheerful and most efficient at my job, which begins at 5:30 am.

I smoke pot at no other time of day. Unfortunately, sometimes I acquire a quantity that's lacking in the proper cannabinoids and is therefore ineffective. Then it's time for more night walking. It's my hope that the RLS Foundation seeks and is given authorization to do research in this area.

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