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Results After 106 Days


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There appears to be quite a bit of progress since my last thread when we
determined that I had three males growing in my indoor batch of six.
Two are certainly ladies and one more certainly looks that way to me

Here is the first happy lady

...another pict of the same happy lady. Actually I do not know if she is happy I am though

The next two are of the one I really thought was a male a few weeks ago,
but seems to have some white hairs growing although the picts may not
show what I have seen


...and this is the third happy lady


This is a pict of the one growing outdoors behing the garbage cans.
It is about as tall as the cans yet again. It started showing signs of
being female last week. I am going to have to tie it down in places soon as I
do not want to top it anymore.

This is a pict of the one growing in a barrel with the basil, no sign of sex yet

I have gotten this far before and not much farther. This is probably due to
the fact that i started later in the year and wasn't as concerned about
what I got out of it as I am now (long story for another day)
I am concerned that they get enough nutrients during this time as all
I really have done is add more dirt and a little liquified worm poop spray
once a week.


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The basil is about a foot anf half long or so...I really have not measured it. I did this a couple of times when I lived in an apartment and had a balcony (really close to the white house no less). I used the basil as cover and grew the goodness behind the basil, this is the firs time I grew a plant within the basil. You can easily bend the goodness down to hide totally within the basil for a few hours if need be and it snaps back up without a problem.
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