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Results after 73 days


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Hi Everyone.
I had meant to post more frequently about my progress this season in the
shed, but at least below is a view of where we are on day 73
Plant #1 Top View

Plant #2 Top View

Plant #3 Top View (I think this is male)

Plant #3 Side View (I think this is male)

Plant #4 Top View

Plant #5 Top View

Plant #6 Top View

Outdoor #1 Top View

Outdoor #1 Side View

Outdoor #1 "Stealth" View (Mixed in with a bunch of Basil)

I have not done anything other than provide water, light and some additional
soil in the first few weeks when I realized that the lights were too far away.
I need to to add some nutrients soon as the soil advertised three months
of feeding (Miracle Grow Moisture Control) and well, we're almost there.
Also, I am concerned about the lighting. I have only been doing about 14
hours or so to match the light outdoors as to not attract attention to the
shed. The light can be seen when it's dark through cracks in the door etc.
I was also thinking of moving one or two outdoors later on.
Thoughts and opinions are appreciated.
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I am so sorry to make a newbie mistake like that
I have uploaded them to my gallery and labeled them just as I did in the
thread. I'll edit the thread tomorrow, it's kind of late
The indoor have been getting about 14 hours to match daylight as
not to draw attention to the shed


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Its cool, everyone is a newbie at some point. . . What happend to that smaller pic you had, the one you thought it might have been a male. . . I was gnna ask to get a better pic of it cause I thought I might have seen a pistol. . . anyway, looks good man. .

Bagz :peace:


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Pics look good. Plant 4 looks like it had a run in with some critters, did it?


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Awesome, indoor AND outdoor! I like the one plant you have inside all of the basil. Good luck with it all I'm sure you'll have some good smoke in return.


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I didn't have enough light and the light low enough in the first couple
of weeks, so they started a little stringy. I transplaneted them and
buried the up to near their first leaves to help them get stronger and they
seem to have responded.
I was looking at your 2nd grow journale and noticed the picture linked below
on page six. https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/504/7-5-07_001.jpg That is how some of this plant looks to me. Did that end up being
your male?
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