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Retail Marijuana Supply Shortage, Medical Marijuana Growers Come To Aid

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Two weeks into the sale of recreational marijuana in Washington State and still many pot shops can't consistently stay open simply because there's not enough to go around. Main Street Marijuana in Vancouver tells FOX 12 they're one of the lucky ones. They've only had to close down two out of the 12 days for lack of supplies. "We've been working really hard behind the scenes and we're proud to offer this opportunity. But it would have made our lives easier if we had access to the medical marijuana supply," said employee Ramsey Hamide. "I could have had 50 pounds in here on opening day." "It's frustrating in some ways, retail is starting from scratch, but each week is progressing in the right direction," said Hamide.

The demand for weed essentially has employees at Main Street Marijuana handing out product before even getting a chance to put it on store shelves. Attila Soos is the Everett based distributor who brought the shop their latest supply on Monday afternoon. "Supply has just been minimal as licenses are rolling out, it's slow, we were the third ones to be licensed," said Soos. "When you legitimize an industry, everything has to be done in a legitimate matter, by the book." It's those by the books rules that are preventing medical marijuana distributors like Grow Systems Northwest from selling pot shops their ready to go harvested herb. Their expertise though, is being sought out by inexperienced state licensed growers.

"I think the 502 side, is afraid of the cannabis plant, they have no experience with it," said Grow Systems Northwest founder Adam Alexander. "When you're growing a plant that's two, three, four thousand dollars for a single plant, it gets a little bit scary to touch the plant, or stand in a field of them." Because of that, Alexander tells FOX 12 he's been asked to help start up legal pot grows, and fast. "The most recent one that I'm helping out with is the smallest of 502 grows, and it's 10 times the size of my grow," said Alexander. Alexander says many of those grows won't be ready for weeks, if not months down the road, meaning more product delays for eager customers. And all while medical marijuana grows, across Washington, flourish. "I think they've learned that they're not going to have enough weed, they thought it'd be different," said Alexander.


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