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Revegging Juicy Fruit

Paonia Purple

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I harvested the top cola and most of the side buds off my little plant and pollinated the bottom two bud sites.

The plant took about a week to show new leaf growth after a switch to 18/6 lighting and more nitrogen in the fertilizer, along with a transplant to a larger container.

It's tasting natural sunlight now, and stretching upward. I want to get enough growth to take several clones, this is a nice strain.

I want to get six nice healthy females growing in pots so they can go outdoors but come in in case of harsh weather.

Paonia Purple

New Member
Here's another photo- stretching quite a bit, and starting new female flowers.

I have a couple of nice Golden Goats growing, the larger of which is definitely a female. I'll stick in a photo later.

Paonia Purple

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The JF was not really happy in the bucket once I moved it outdoors. Too much temperature variation, and the moisture levels in the bucket were too variable as well. It's sort of heart stopping to go out midday and see the entire plant wilted and drooping.

So I stuck it in the ground next to the golden goat sisters. The JF is getting a little yellower than I like, so I will give it a taste of potassium nitrate this evening. I really need new pictures, cause the buds are getting really pretty in the week or so since the photo.

We're getting nighttime temperatures into the low fifties and I'm hoping to see some purpling. Both plants have been pollinated with purple hash plant pollen, hoping to get a decent supply of seeds for next year. The GG was planted into the ground about a month before the JF, and it has grown vigourously and well- nice dark green, strong stems, lots of buds. I bent the main cola over to encourage multi bud sites, and it seems to have worked. I'll take some photos today and post them later.

The JF has been sorely tested, being re-vegged and then tormented with drought and heat, but is budding well.

The Goat is at the top of the photo, and is actually two plants from two seeds. They were so close together that I decided not so separate them but to just plant the whole works.

Paonia Purple

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Thanks, Thai, I'll surf thy thread.


The main cola on the golden goat


Golden goat. The main cola is sticking up out of the photo. The grasshoppers have been mildly interested in the plants, so I spray them with organic approved soap insect repellent


The Juicy Fruit. This stuff was very tasty before I revegged it, so I'm hoping for a nuce nugget collection this time around.

Paonia Purple

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For the detail oriented- the pollinated sites on the JF first flower cycle did not make seeds- didn't give then enough tine, I suspect.

Paonia Purple

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Purple bud. This is thought to be Juicy Fruit, but grown under lights with added UV from a lizard lamp. This stuff is very sticky and has a fruity watermelon aroma. Way too potent to smoke more than a pinch at a time, at least for this old lightweight...


Frosty buds. I've started harvesting the revegged JF and the goats. The Goat is much more resinous, and the buds are heavier. I hope I got some seeds- I pollinated with PHP (purple hash plant) so maybe...

David Bowman

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