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Revenge: Best Served With A Smile


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How to get back at that skanky old tw@t at the convenience store after she embarrassed you during a "poor week" by loudly announcing, "I hate poor people who bring in a handful of change and try to buy a loaf of bread with it," to everyone in the store?

Simply return when she's working the day shift (when people don't have to prepay for fuel), pull up to a pump, and get $17.09 worth of fuel. Then walk inside and dump the following onto her counter:
$9.75 in quarters
$4.90 in dimes
$1.95 in nickels
$.49 in pennies

While she's standing there making fish-out-of-water faces at you, tell her that you'd have rolled the change, but that there wasn't enough to make a full roll of any denomination.

Don't forget to smile! They say it makes everything better ;) .
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Member of the Month: May 2009, Oct 2010, Sept 2017
To be honest... I take a lot more things in stride than some people might expect, all things considered. It was the "poor" part that set me off. Enough that (I don't own a car) I ended up buying someone gasoline so I could do that thing.

I don't have a problem with someone being an @sshole (otherwise, I'd be a hypocrite :rolleyes: ). But if a person comes in, is only able to purchase something to hold their baloney, and has to pay with a pocket full of change, they're already having a bad enough day as it is. So... <SHRUGS>.
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