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Reading/posting on another thread about a grower getting revenge brought this experience to mind.
Deep in the woods I had 12 Indica plants. Short (4') and in Oct. massive buds. Untopped; each central cola was the size of a football and weighed out at about 1/4 lb. or more.
I went out one day about a week before harvest and and discovered someone had cut all the cola's off.
It was almost enough to make a grown man cry.
The plants had taken 8 months to get to the point where they were stolen. In addition to the 2 months it took to plant seeds, veg, sex and make clones indoors, I had made 2 x/week trips from April to Oct., hundreds of $$ for gas to get to the mountains, scores of hours hiking, a hundred dollars in soil & nutrients, nutured and cared for, for over 6 months--all gone.
In addition, the $$ I would have got from those buds from those plants was earmarked to buy a new roof for my Dad's house.
I grieved but there was nothing I could do about it.
Several months later, camped out at a location about 20 miles away from that spot I met a group of 4 fishermen.
They were drinking and I sat with them around a campfire.
They get to drinking and tell me that 2 months earlier they had found a dozen plants and cut the buds off. They also mentioned where they found them.
Those were MY plants they described, no doubt about it.
I said nothing.
Then one of them said "man I would have loved to see the look on that fucker's face when he found his plants gone ha ha."
The next morning I packed up and left at dawn, while they were still asleep.
1 hour up the trail, there was one other vehicle besides mine at the trailhead turnout. I knew it was the fishermans van. They had mentioned how much those plants had stunk up their van on the way home from stealing them. Plus, there were no other cars besides that van and my car.
I'm pretty much a pacificist, but anger welled up inside me. To steal someone's stuff and then boast about it.
Time for payback.
So I let the air out of all 4 tires and took a leak in the gas tank.
I was going to let it go at that, then I remembered how that guy had laughed.
So I broke out one of the windows with a rock, went inside and took a big morning dump in the driver's seat, then went home
I would have liked to have seen the look at THEIR faces when they got up to their van.

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Wow...thats some crazy shit. Its a shame you never got it back though.


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hahahahaha kudos to you!

I like that type of payback!


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Why didn't you just say that they were your plants. If you described the size of them correctly theres no way they could have denied it. If that didn't work I would have taken their money. The shit on the drivers seat was a nice touch though.


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lol u took a shit in their car!!! GOOD ONE!!!! i would have loved to see their faces... air outta their tires.... and then one of em prolly went to sit in the van and sat right in your poo!!! lol


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Sorry about the love lost in those plants, but the cold hard revenge sure would warm ya up, LMAO - great story. they had it coming.


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alright , RD that was another awesome story.i missed them, thought you had told it all, but you have more up your sleeve.:hmmmm: i love your stories while smoking after a long day at work:51:
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