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Hiya Rexer! I saw that you directed ShinSeiki to the pH article in your sig, and decided to follow and read. Everything tracks and makes sense for the most part. But the author got this part wrong:

The images are correct, but the text preceding the images turned the exchanges around. When the plant takes up a cation like K+1, it releases a H+1 cation back to the reservoir. And when it takes up an anion, it releases an OH-1 anion back to the reservoir.
I'll have to take your word on that, and i recommend other do too. I trust you when it comes to this stuff. There was another spot on the forum in the "what is PH" thread where I had posted it.
Just clarifying in case someone got confused..
Your knowledge, friendliness and helpfulness is always appreciated FelipeBlu!:thanks:

Though I get confused easily on this stuff (anions and cations) , which is why I usually refer folks to you, who have questions after reading Manic's articles.


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You’re good

Just remember- like for like.

If the plant takes in + it must return + to the reservoir in order to keep ionic balance within the plant. Otherwise, instead of the pH of the reservoir changing (the point of the article), the pH would change within the plant - which isn’t what happens. The author gets it right again lower in the article, but slipped up right before the images that contradict what was written.


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Hi everyone! This will be my first journal with sponsored equipment. I live in Canada and have my medical permit, and recreational grows are also legal. I'll be using the ViparSpectra P4000 light in a 4x4 Gorilla grow tent. Let's start off with an equipment breakdown.

First and front is the light that @ViparSpectra was kind enough to provide.

The ViparSpectra P4000
  • 【High Efficiency】With the newest SMD LED technology, ViparSpectra P4000 LED grow light provide high PAR output, high energy efficiency and long lifespan while improving light penetration.
  • 【Sunlike Full Spectrum Light Indoor Growing】Consists of 660nm of red led, 3000K and 5000K of white led and IR led, optimal full spectrum led grow lights.
  • 【Sosen Driver】400W Sosen Driver helps achieve high PAR output and longer lifespan. Boost yields and save electric costs.
  • 【Dimmer Function】Flexible dimmer allows you to adjust light intensity from 5% to 100% brightness.
  • 【Friendly Design】Large heat sinks ensure an ideal cooling system. No fans zero noise.
  • 【Coverage Area】Perfect for 5’x5’ vegetative coverage at 28” and 4’x4’ flowering coverage at 24” height.
  • 【Worry-free Warranty】36-Month US Local warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.












Next Environment

I'll be using a Gorilla 4x4 Grow Tent. To control the temperature I have a portable AC inside the tent. While this does cost me the space of one bucket, I find that keeping the temperature in check makes up for it...less stressful and I only cool the tent instead of the entire garage.

I use an Inkbird temperature controller with wifi. The high temperature turns on the 8 inch exhaust fan that vents directly to the outside. In colder weather a oil heater gets plugged in.

I use a different inkbird humidity controller to keep the humidity in check. There is a small (to be upgraded) humidifier and large dehumidifier that stays in the tent.

Next is the containers holding the growing medium. I'll be using three 10 gallon The Bucket Company buckets, with hydroton (clay pebbles) as the medium (a bit of perlite to start the seeds). They will be top fed using the manifolds that come with the container system. Here's the manifold in action.

The main nutrients I'll be using is General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow & Bloom. Supplemental nutrients will mainly be: general hydroponics Diamond Nectar, green planet Ocean Magic, liquid koolbloom, green planet Roots Builder (a cheaper alternative to hydroguard), terpinator, cal mag, orca, mycos chum, and possibly a Silica supplement to be added. The supplements for the most part are optional.

A TDS pen to test my nutrients, I go by the x5 scale for ppm. It's what I learned with and works. The key is controlling the nutrients in the correct consistent amounts (and PH), whether you achieve that by measuring EC or PPM the end goal is the same, and I go by this chart for the most part.

A ph pen, this is vital. I also have a tower fan that oscillates, and is upside-down on the ceiling of the tent. Two other small fans are in the tent. Constant airflow within the tent is important. It helps prevent powdery mildew, keeps certain pests down, and helps strengthen stems.
Water will be from a reverse osmosis system.

Strains will be Bruce Banner Auto, White Berry Auto, and Somango Auto. I'll germinate one seed of each strain starting shortly.

The next post will show the light unboxing and what to expect. Thanks for reading, and never feel the need to catch up, it's always appreciated, but should the journal get long, feel free to skip a few pages.
Damn I'm thinking on getting this. What a value for your money


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Hi Marcus!

Thank you, and I would highly recommend the P4000 light from ViparSpectra (or any other of their lights).

The P4000 gave me quite the pleasant surprise yield for a 90 day grow, of 3 autoflowers.
Total harvest yield: 536g

As they are forum Sponsors, they also do provide discount codes for us!


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Hi Marcus!

Thank you, and I would highly recommend the P4000 light from ViparSpectra (or any other of their lights).

The P4000 gave me quite the pleasant surprise yield for a 90 day grow, of 3 autoflowers.

As they are forum Sponsors, they also do provide discount codes for us!
Hi, the current price of P4000 is $309.99 after using the $40 coupon. @marcus611a


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Journal Update

Flower Day 18
Day 56 above ground

Tent temp: 23C
Tent RH%: 60~80%
Previous PPM: 996 PPM
Current PPM: 968 PPM
Adjusted PPM to: ph'd up, forgot to check PPM
PH: 5.8
Res temp: 21.8C
Water level: slight down

So a bit of a surprise last night, noticed some water on the tent floor. Did a bucket looksy to check which one was overflowing, found the white Berry Auto sitting in water, not draining. A quick removal of the drain pipe found it clogged with roots. Saw this coming- I wanted to put my material in to prevent this....but waited too long and didn't want to disturb the roots. Next grow it'll be in, for now it'll be a root trim whenever the pipes clog.

So I made sure to snap a photo, root porn is lacking in the journal. Though when you see the may not want more :rofl:

Aside from that they're plugging along, found a nice surprise in the tent- see pics.

And that's pretty much all for now folks!

"Welcome to my tent I hope you starve" - hahahahahahahahahahaha lol lo l 0ol lol lol l olol. Huh... breathe RD breathe. So that root plug up, is that why those plants against the wall in the top pics were droopy? Funny as F^&$ Rexer.


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I had forgotten about that post :rofl:. I'm dying of laughter over here.

Also I die of laughter everytime I see that crappy root picture :rofl:.

I really don't remember if that's why they were droopy to be honest. It probably was the roots blocking and causing poor drainage.


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Okay, this is the last time I post on a long finished post (today) I promise...
I'd say Magnesium is definitely worth a try, it was a game changer for my uncle after years of migraines. I've heard of other folk finding the same too.
"Oh, you get migraines?"

Only 420
No actually, it very much is a useful mineral supplement for migraines, I have some I make into a drink and take prophylactically 2-3 times a week, and when a migraine is coming on. Prob is, most of them come while I'm sleeping and I wake up in full effect and my rx medications are next to worthless at that stage. So taking prophylactically is likely my best approach and I've bumped it up to nightly with no improvement over 3x week in the past, but desperate times.... calls for blasting a bowl! Oh, and more mag.

OMG! Maybe I'm actually a cannabis plant and never noticed... damn, it all fits!
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