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Rez size in RDWC?


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Hey man, I noticed that you used that purple PVC cement to join your tubes together, is that some kind of food grade cement?

I seen that purple stuff at my local hardware store, but it does not say it is for use with potable water supplies or food grade, there is only the option for pressurized and non-pressurized applications.

I've been contemplating what kind of sealant to use when joining tubing together, but I have not been able to find ANY that state they are for use in drinking water systems, or are food grade safe.

I'm using 1.5" ABS tubing, and I'm wondering if I can join this tubing together with valves, T's etc using aquarium grade silicone sealant?

Will 100% aquarium grade silicone sealant stick well to ABS tubing?

What is the best/safest way to join this tubing together?



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the cement is completely waterproof. wont degrade into your water. and when you apply it right it isnt even on the inside of the pipe. you apply it to the end you shove into the elbows and it pushes it back away from the end of the pipe.


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I'm mating the 1.5" ABS tubing with a control valve, so it's 2 pieces of ABS tubing inserted into each end of the valve so I can shut off the flow between the rez and the buckets..

Should I silicone it together??

I'm also going to run a bead of silicone around the uniseal before I insert it into the bucket, just to be on the safe side, I hate leaks!


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I read the installation instructions about putting dish soap around the pipe before inserting it, how can you get all the dish soap off when you can't rinse it all out once it's assembled?

I wouldn't want that in my nutes!

I'm perplexed.


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Thanks, I appreciate your replies :)

I do want to know if silicone will properly stick to ABS tubing though, i have 1.5" rubber grommets that I am planning on tapping a return line into the piping, and want to know if it will seal the rubber to the ABS pipe.
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