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Rhetorrikz - LED Grow - Coco


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hi welcome
i thought id do a journal to keep track of my grow and for anyone interested in entry level leds . I have a 400w hps in the room also so its not exactly an led vs led but we will see how they grow..

Strain is barneys pineapple chunk
Veged in a cab 4 weeks under 2ft t5ho
Flowering now 4th week
Canna coco
1.5 - 2 gal hempy's with perlite res
Two 300W LEDS and 400w hps
Temp 70-80°f
RH 60%
PH 5.8
Watering daily or second day
Canna classic flores a+b , canna pk 13/14, calmax, pythoff currently about 650ppm

so now where in the 4th week of flower, feel free to ask any questions or give me advise if im doing anything wrong.
ill get some pics....


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The lights are about 20" above the plants, can anyone confirm the optimum light distance for these leds ?
i did some lst in the first week of flower to try for an even conopy, so far looking good. Just mixed a feed of 20ml a, 20ml b, 20ml calmax, 10ml pk, 2ml pythoff. was 700ppm in a 10litre container and ph'd to 5.9
Watered untill about 300ml runoff ea. Runoff ph was 6 with 350ppm


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I'm in for the grow! They're looking really good, considering the headspace you have to work with! Keep up the good work!

The height above the canopy for my LEDs (Mars 300W, 185W real draw) is recommended at 18-24" for veg and 12-18" for flowering. I've found these numbers to be pretty accurate and I tend to stick to the lower end of the range.

Also, a side note - the link to your journal in your sig seems to be broken! There's a bit of garbage at the end of the link that you may think about fixing.


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Hey jojo welcome, thanks mate ill check it out .. ahh yes height restraints just under 4ft floor to ceiling at best, its a bit tricky seems to reduce the coverage to much if i bring the lights any closer .. i have them about 18 /19" now and thats about the best i can do. Each light is covering about 1.5 × 2.5ft .
I think the growth from the leds has been impressive


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here is another pic with just the hps on
the plants under the 400w light are still clones from the first pc grow, they seemed to be a different pheno type that stretched quite a bit more , i never took clones from these ladies this time


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Looking good man �� i'm a led grower my self and i see that u use a hps aswel i relly like the setup �� how do your led's preform my led recentlly needed some diodes chanched but its up and running again.

Love the grow keep up the good work ��

Hi mrxc , so far so good with the leds set and forget. Definatly less heat in the room compared to running twin hps lights (i did have them ducting the heat out too) , i think the spectrum is different between the leds


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Temps have been a bit warmer the last day or two reaching 89f , i did a light defol opening up the center of the ladies to allow a bit of air and more light. Been feeding daily around 650ppm 5.7ph and have stoped adding the pk13/14 , we're about 6.5 weeks flower now. So far the leds look pretty even :thumb:

Pc clones in veg cab got taken out of there solo cups today and potted into 1 gal hempys cana coco with perlite mini res and fed some rhizotonic + canna vega+b 380ppm 5.9ph


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Hey, looking great. Thanks for inviting me. To answer your pm question. Yes still running eshine but the mods told me I can't recommend them any more as they are not sponsors now (they didn't renew) and the mods censored (deleted) all references to eshine in my posts and my sig even though they were a sponsor at the time I bought them. Recognizing many here are getting great results with Mars I recommend them here to help new growers as I assume they are very similar in gpw as my 150x3 (260w) by looking at friends journals.
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