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Richard Marvin Davis November 26, 1940 - January 10, 2014

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Richard Marvin Davis

http://hempmuseum.us/ROOMS/ARM CURATOR.htm

November 26, 1940 - January 10, 2014 Born Phoenix, AZ to Rev. J. Marvin & Mary Louise Davis. U.S. Air Force, Cal State B.A. Zoology, Masters Biology, attended School of Public Health UCLA. He is remembered for his activism in the effort to legalize hemp/cannabis, his museum of hemp artifacts, www.hempmuseum.us, and his generous, loving heart. Survived by Brenda Kershenbaum, her children; his sisters Jane Smith, Christina Kahler, brother John Davis, six nieces & nephews & numerous cousins. Published in the Los Angeles Times on Jan. 26, 2014

In His Own Words

I live surrounded by hemp. It's one of my passions since the 1960's. As a farmer, patient, activist and author, I've been called on as an expert on the subject by the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Hemp For Victory, Time4Hemp and other broadcast and cable shows. Over the decades I've collected thousands of hemp art, artifacts, books and other museum quality exhibits.

I learned about hemp smoke first and was refused the request to study the effects of pot at the School of Public Health at U.C.L.A., in 1972, where I was working on a doctorate in Public Health. I studied zoology (B.S.) and biology (M.A.), and loved the great outdoors. After a dozen years in the mountains on a small farm, I ran for Congress in a democratic primary as an admitted pot grower. Several years later when the U.S. Army invaded that area in operation Greensweep, I found out about hemp from Jack Herer's book and started the Hemp Museum, with help of course.

What the hemp museum means in real terms is a look at the hemp history of the world, the issues of hemp prohibition, some people involved with hemp, and of course the future of hemp. We feel the world with hemp will be a better place. Our friends will be out of jail, issues will find new solutions, patients will improve, and the war will end when hemp is free of its prohibition.

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