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Friend is fighting colon cancer, so I made oil using RSO instructions. I used Big Bud that I grew. I don't use products that will get me high, but I want to know three things:
1. How do I use the unevaporated 3rd wash (it's been filtered but not evaporated), see photo
2. How do I use the fine particles filtered out from the washes? See photo
3. The ISO I used is 99.9 technical grade. When it has evaporated, it is safe to consume, correct?
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Personally I find the 3rd wash to not be worth it but if you are running more than 2 washes I dont see why you would treat it any differently than your first 2. Are you using the rice cooker method to remove your solvent? Waiting for that much solvent to evaporate in a flask will take a while.
There is a very small amount of thc in the leftover residue. Even less if you did the process as perfectly as possible. I dont even bother with it but you could let it the solvent evaporate from it, then smoke it.
As for the 99.9% yes it is fine just make sure it is all properly evaporated and I even add a little water (1 drop for every 2oz of starting bud) right before it's done, to help pull out any remaining solvent.
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