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Thus it begins.

I don't smoke, and yet I grow. Go figure. For me it's all about the toys, the process, and the challenge. Growing makes me happy. All of the meds that I grow are for my brother that has both Lupus and Polycythemia Vera. Poor fucker. :)

Was going to do a grow of a proprietary Hawaiian strain called "The Mutt" but the damned things wouldn't germinate even though I gave them perfect weather, played the ukulele, and sang Don Ho songs to them while wearing a grass skirt. I still have a bunch of WW and Gold Leaf beans but that just brought back bad memories. I considered dropping all Cinex beans so I could better compare the cobs to the strips but in the end a mixed variety of beans won the toss.

So we have Mama Thai x Thai Stik, Mama Thai x Pineapple Chunk, and G13. The Thais are already above ground but the G13s are lagging behind. It should be interesting to make them all happy in one RDWC system. If push comes to shove the Thai will get what they need and the indica can suck hind tit. Once they are out of the nursery I'll drop them in the RDWC with a top drip system until the roots clear the net baskets.

I have an eight bucket system but will only be growing six plants because of the laws here and because I'm sure my sweet, loving daughter is reading this journal and is waiting with her finger over the phone with the cops on speed dial. Good luck, daughter, it's a legal grow.

I'll apologize in advance for all of the system photos and will endeavor in the future to keep it green.





Re: Rider509 - Two Thais and a G13

The design of this RDWC is such that it keeps the level in the grow buckets at a uniform level regardless the level in the reservoir, and won't drain back to the res if the power goes out. Each bucket has an airstone, as does the reservoir. The level can be adjusted by pivoting the level/drain assembly and includes an anti-siphon feature. The drain lines are 1.5" and the feed trunk to the buckets is 1". The larger 1" feed trunk helps to equalize pressure from the first set of buckets to the last.
The cobs are Cree CXB3590s in 3500K, and the strips are a recent experiment. They're Samsung F Series Gen3s in the double row configuration, also in 3500K. Each group of four cobs is driven by an HLG-320H-C2100B and the four F Series strips are driven by a single HLG-600H-48A. It's possible to drive the cobs to 1200W and the strips to 650W, but of course I won't drive them anywhere near that hard.
It's a 4'x8' Galaxy. The lighting frames are all hand-built from aluminum stock. I'm still working out the finishing details on the strip lighting and won't really know if they'll need fan assisted cooling until I fire it all up for a shake-down run. I hope not!
So tiny! The MT x Pineapple Chunk and two of the Mastiks are up. Still one Mastik and both G13s to go. Also have a dark horse in the back left grow puck. I have no idea what it is or where it came from.

Oh ya buddy, the pivot adjustment for level control is an excellent design revision.

I hope Captain Morgan ordered your RO system. Looks like you'll be going through a lot of water.

Fortunately our water is naturally pretty soft, and the volume ensures that I'm not a slave to the system. We're planning on doing a lot of snowboarding this winter. I'd thought about setting up an auto-level refill system but I've got to keep reminding myself to simplify.

So no RO but the pirates and I have been considering a Grow Boss. Gear whores will be gear whores. LOL
Got some of them transplanted. They had roots popping out of the grow pucks like crazy. The G13 I kinda expected to be a slow starter, but it's not looking good for the other Mastik. It should have been up by now.

Scrog was not kidding when he said I need to talk to you about making a rdwc system holy Jesus! Yours is a little more than I'm looking at but something along the lines of what you helped SD make would be light years ahead of what I cobbled together. Teach me Obiwan!!!
Re: Rider509 - Two Thais & G13

I'm in first.

I wish I could say there was a door prize but... there isn't! LOL. Glad to have you along for the ride, LB!
Not sure how I missed this rider. But here we grow! Let a see what kinda dank my favorite pirate can grow
I'm subbed just for the RDWC porn. I'm an outside grower so this shit fascinates me!

Welcome, InTheShed! Someday, somehow, I'd like to do an outside grow and have a massive tree/bush like some guys here grow. Living in the inland desert of Washington we have long and hot summers and over 300 days of sunshine a year. I'm betting I could grow some serious trees. I'll have to jump on your grow journal and see how it's done. :)
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