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Right flowering time?

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Hello, I'm in that time window when I don't know if it's too early, or too late.
I would like to harvest at the perfect time so I'm here asking you if she's still got some days to go or if it's time to chop.

She's a super skunk autoflower, producers say it should be ready in 60-70 days, right now she's at 67 days from seed.
She smells great, buds are pretty dense and trichomes are there and cloudy (can't see any amber or clear ones), though there are almost no fan leaves left.

She suffered a 4-5 days of nutrient disorder but she's well recovered by now, what do you guys say?

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Theres still alot of white pistils still clustering out, have you been using calmag with your plants?

Any other pics too without the purple light?
Hello, thanks for contributing
Yes I've been using nutes, though mid-flowering I've encountered some issues with nute burning so I've tuned it down quite a bit, may this be the reason for the white pistils?
How long do I still have to let her grow? Like 1 week more?
I'll post pictures with no light asap

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Personally I'd give her another week at least, though natural light pics would help as harder to see. Some strains the pistils don't turn orange, but a lot of them are still pretty straight which I go by along with the trichs. And the numbers the Breeders/Wholesalers give for a time frame are just an "approximate" as there is so many variables involved. You spent all this time and money it be a shame to harvest too early at this point. In my limited experience (in soil anyway as might be different in other mediums), they start taking less water towards the end (as in the pots stay heavy longer between watering's).


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Everyone will always put there 2 cents in aswell, which always makes it mixture of opinions, are your buds fat?

If it were me and they were cloudy trichs, i would start a 2 week flush then chop her.
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Ok, I guess I'll wait for her to mature some bit more then.
Onyl thing that worries me is that there aren't much green leaves left, I think it might all be connected to the mid-flowering incident with nutes burn, being an auto she can't "delay" her flowering time so I'll end up with an imperfect product anyway.

Also she's drinking very slowly... I give her 1 liter of water (in a 6,5 liters pot) and she takes three whole days to dry it out