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Righto the perpetual grow: Advice needed


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So the equipment I have:

3x3 grow tent.
1 extractor / carbon filter kit 4inch
1x 250w hps
1x600w hps
1x 100w actual led power
1x25w led actual
Biobizz all mix soil
Biobizz nuits
1x 19"x59" hight is not an issue growdrobe

The plan:
From seed: (A) I will place 2 autos and 2 photos in the same tent (3x3, 250w)

4/5 weeks later:
( B Plant 4 autos) and veg for 5 weeks (growdrobe 100w led)

Week 8/10: harvest plants (A) and move (B) 4 autos into (3x3 tent)

Move 2 photo to (growdrobe) and begin to take clones and veg until autos are done.

Week 14/15: harvest all autos in (3x3) and place cuttings into flower tent x3

Take 4 cuttings.

Week 18/19: harvest photos and replace with 4 week veged cuttings

Rinse and repete


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i am in for the show! good luck!
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