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Rio de Janeiro Brazil


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Hi all !!
I from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil !!

very nice forum!!

Peace for all!

Legalize it!!!
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Welcome from Australia! You guys have some magic weed in Brazil. I just finished a grow and ended up with a Brazillian Haze that knocked my socks off. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.


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:peace: from Chicago :bong:


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Thanks for replys!!

The quality of the weed in Rio depends , if you grow your weed its good..
but if you buy in ''favela'' (translate to english Slum;shantytown) can be good or
bad! normally they press the weed mix the leafs with the flowers , and sometimes put ammonia!!

Peace !!:439:


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You can be arrested or a can receive a note .........
but it depends on the amount , the circunstances
and the sense of humor of the police man


Legalize it!!

how about it in your country???

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Things were zero tolerance for many years, but we had a change of Government a few weeks ago, and the new policy is one of harm minimisation, which opens the door for mmj, and reduced penalties for small amounts.


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I don't live in Rio city . I live next to it in a city from the State of Rio.
I have no ideia about weed sale in Rio de Janeiro City.
try to buy with the hippies!!!

good luck!!


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Thanks for the advice. I'm quite afraid that I only know what an American hippie and am clueless to what a Brazilian hippie would look like, but I hope I will quickly figure it out! Now I'm going to get high while I can!
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