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Risks and Ramifications of mailing BHO?


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(SORRY IN ADVANCE IF THIS IS POST IS AGAINST THE FORUM RULES, however I am not asking for methods, only knowledge)

Hello 420magazine!

I am a Colorado Red Card holder who is currently in Atlanta GA for the duration of summer, and I am having a hard time getting along without my medicine. I smoke multiple times a day, on a daily basis in Colorado. I currently have my Red Card for chronic pain in my elbow, shoulder and wrist (many many years of competitive tennis), however I did notice that my appetite is gone and I am rather irritable (probably mini withdrawals haha, I try and workout to cope with it but it's hard with my arm).

I was interested in having BHO (two grams of shatter every two weeks) mailed to me from Colorado. The purchasing would be legal of course, but obviously not the shipping. I have done a lot of research, but there is nothing on the internet about concentrates specifically.

The last time I came and visited GA, I had two grams of shatter just chillin in the bottom of my backpack plus two Cloud Pens, got through airport security extremely smoothly... I'm not even sure what BHO would look like on a x-ray machine. Each gram was sealed in a mini heat sealed/ziplock bag that it came in from the dispensary, so that might have effected what they saw on the machine?

Anyways, before I embark on this adventure, I was just wondering what could possibly happen? I am 20 years old, and will only be here for 2 more months.

Thanks in advance!:)


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I got it PeytonManning, thank you very much, that was actually extremely helpful. I am about to take your advice and use it! :)

Sorry it took me so long to thank you, I had typed out an entire PM on my phone thanking you and stuff just to find out I couldn't send it): needless to say I was pretty upset haha


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It's cool. I figured no thanks were required, I'm just doing my part to help. But very glad you found the info useful. Good luck with getting your medicine, hope your summer gets better
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