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Hi folks,
belonged a couple years back as reetafour, but lost my creds and am growing again, but this time I'll be more of a participant I hope.Current grow:
4X4X7 sunglo tent
400 HPS
Happy Frog medium in smart pot bags
Blue Planet nutes alternating with Jack's Classic 20/20/20 water soluble, currently nuting at "growth" rating
watering every other day, when bags are light and no moisture at 2-3 inches
Water ph 6.5ish
2ea of Skunk Haze II, MoneyMaker and Fruit Punch
started from seed 6/16/14. Pix to follow.


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Welcome !!! :welcome:
And good luck with the grow

David Bowman

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Sorry about falling off the edge there. Family crisis and life interrupted me. Anyhoo, ended up with one of the Skunk Haze being male, otherwise it was a good learning experience. From 1 Skunk Haze and two each of Fruit Punch and MoneyMaker I got 6 oz. of bud and a decent pile of hash. The later pix are lost due to some technical difficulties. I went to just water with no nutes for last two weeks of the grow, gave a nice clean taste. I would grow the Fruit Punch again and would definitely look for a lower growth sativa dominant (70%+) next time as that is the preferred high. MoneyMaker was grown with an ill relative in mind and so far, knock on wood, he hasn't needed it. We leave for the warm weather in a couple of months, so next grow will have to wait til spring.
Thanks for the great advice as always!
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