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Riverside Co. and Inland Empire Patients: Face to Face with D.A. Pacheco

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
As you all probably know by now every effort in Riverside County against Medical Marijuana is being headed up by our local District Attorney Rod Pacheco. His influence is so great in fact that when contacting local County Board members and City Council members the message is to look to Mr. Pacheco. In a dissapointing display of representation nearly all of our local officials have bent to the will of the DA, although there are still a number of political representatives in areas such as Palm Springs and also Riverside who are compassionate.

All of our efforts to contact the DA have been unsuccessful - the office continues to point at the White Paper as their 'holy document' backing with full legal definition every action they are taking. We have even sent a written request pursuant to the California Public Records Act and have yet to receive any response as to the actual policies of this office.

Now is YOUR chance to stand face to face with the largest and loudest opponent to Medicinal Cannabis in the Inland Empire.

That's right - unfortunately there are tickets for the actual banquet room event, below is the information for the meeting date, time, and location. Please feel free to pass the information on to ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to take the chance to get a face to face with Rod Pacheco. I've also attached a pdf copy of the flyer for the advertisement. Hope to see anyone who can make it out there.

Face to Face with District Attorney Rod Pacheco
Monday August 27, 2007 @ 11:30 AM
Sizzler Restaurant
1461 Rimpau
Corona, CA

Cost of tickets is $50.00 for non-Chamber of Commerce members.

For more info call (951) 737-3350.

Source: Advocacy Network
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