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just out of curiosity, do any of you know the weight of the biggest joint you have ever rolled? I wonder if there is a record in guiness... lol


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ok I kind of unerstand what everyone is talking about with the bad taste because i got a really really nasty resin taste in my mouth last night for a while from this one roach joint but i wasnt really disappointed cause its not like im smoking that stuff cause it tastes good ya know...

I think some weed tastes soooooooo yummy!! :bong:

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Add me to "the roaches are great" list.

It's like an unexpected bonus, a little something to look forward to when I'm down to nothing and in "weed conservation" mode.

When I have plenty of green, I save all little bits, no matter how short. I toss the paper unless it's cemented onto the weed, and re-roll.

I found half of a "left-over" joint is plenty to take the edge off.

Ahhh..... Good times.



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Had a few lying around so I figure a roach thread could use a pic. Just keeping it fun lol.


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This reminded me of another post I made on this.

The dilemma - can you solve it?

What we know: A desperate stoner out of weed walks his crib looking for roaches. He wants to use the weed in any roaches he finds, and reroll it to make a whole joint. He needs 5 roaches to make one whole joint. It's his lucky day cos this stoner finds a tin with 125 roaches in it. WoOt!

Question: How many joints can he make from these 125 roaches? I'll give a rep to anyone who gets this right.


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well since were sharing pics ;)
this is the guardian of my roaches :) (i think he smokes them lol)
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^ I fixed your link to the image for you. I think what is happening is that when you go to insert an image, you are not deleting the http prompt before inserting your own http link to the image.

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Solution: 31.
He can make 25 from the first 125 then after he smokes these, he makes 5 from the 25. He then makes one joint from the 5 he made from the 25.

25 + 5 + 1 = 31


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Thanks Jimmy - I was waiting for that. I searched for an image to match this thought last night but couldn't find one. :laugh2:


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Roaches taste pretty gross but a fat bong of roach weed now that is the nastiest thing ive encountered in all my lengthy smoking career. Just the thought of it puts a film of resin in my mouth :cough:


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I have 3 roaches in my j case and they are smelling really good to me right now, and I dont know why....I have over an O to smoke if I want... so anyone know what I am talking about??


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how would rolling with the old paper even be possible? every roach paper ive seen has never been big enough to roll anything.
Hey my friend would save all his roaches,then when he had enough he would use sisors and cut them paper and all.But personally I think the paper takes away from the taste,even though their roaches.
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