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RobMac's THC Snow Grow Journal Late Start - Veg Week 7


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Hello all, This is a bit of info missing from the first 7 weeks(don't have pics)
So I am starting this on week 7:

7 Gallon grow bags
Medium is Coco-Peat-Perlite 2xNPK hybrid potting mix from Super Natural
Lights 1x1000w HPS in open air reflector hood
Nutrients: Aurora Buddah Grow (strength 2-.025-1.5)
Room is 4.5x4.5x6.5 totaling 20.25 sqft floor space and ~170cubic feet total. indoor.
Strains: THC Snow(6 plants) White Russian (4 plants) and Blue Mystic (2 plants) 12 plants total.
have not had any pests issues.
Water pH is corrected to 6.3 prior to watering
Watering 2 times a week, once with just pH correct water the other time with pH correct nutrient solution
I keep the tempature fairly easily between 72-79 degrees F. a small few times it jumped to 85 cause the air coming in was hot.
Humidity hasn't gone above 56%, averages about 43% (no dehumidifier).

Week 7 Pic:

Week 8 Pic:

Current Issues: Bottom Leaves seem to die a lot
Wondering is adding some reflective surfaces under the canopy would help get more light penetration?
Trying to think of a way to get 1 more 1000w light in the tent (for flowering)
Do they look a little stretched out/thin to anyone else?

-add more info if needed-

Equipment photos:

Stuff I have: pictured
Roots Organic Buddah Grow, and Buddah Bloom
digital pH meter, with 7.0 calibration solution
standard pH up and pH down
a teaspoon.
a plastic cup cut from a Gatorade bottle.
pH chemical test solution+test vial (I like to double check and verify) and my expirence electronic things can and will fail occasionally.
not pictured: soil and light test meter
Neem oil concentrate
2 spray bottles one with pH water the other with neem oil solution.
magnetic ballast
8" inline exhaust fan
4" inline intake fan
box fan for circulating air inside tent

Things I am thinking of buying but not sure if needed:
soil pH test kit
digital ballast
6inch blower fan(to replace inline)
4 inch blower intake (to replace inline)
1000w M.H bulb

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