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Rob's First Indoor/Outdoor Grow


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Hello guys and welcome to my first grow journal.

I've been around pot plants my whole life and finally after 19 years I decided to ask my grandpa if I can get in on one of his grows. His reply was pretty overwhelming. He told me he'd buy all the materials and nutes and what not, and as long as I do all the work grow wise, I get half the harvest so my awnser was pretty obvious lol.

So here it goes,

I'm working with 1x 1000w MH bulb for my veg. These are the strains currently germinating, 3x Midnight Kush, 3x Alcapulco Gold, 3x Cinderella 99, 3x LA Confidential, 1x Power Kush, 1x Silver Surfer Haze, 1x Super Haze, and lastly 1x Herijuana Jack 33.

Once done germinating they shall goto styrofoam cups with Fox Farm Light warrior.

Then to a 50/50 FFOF to Happy Frog mix for veg.

Plan on vegging to about 2 foot or so or until the weather allows them to go into our outdoor grow room where they will be adjusted to the outdoor light properly and then when the time is right they will be Forced into Flower.

After that is done I will be starting about 10 more seeds that will eventually be brought inside under my 1000w HPS for the cold weather.

As soon as I get some seedlings starting to sprout I will post some pics of what I have goin on. Hope You guys enjoy. Don't be scared to criticize me, I take it as a learning experience rather than an insult.

Also forgot to mention ill be experimenting with uncle Ben's topping method, regular topping, Fimming, and lst. So if your interested in all of those results this is a good Journal to follow haha


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After only 3 days all 16 seeds germinated successfully. I was quite suprised that they all germinated at the same time and with 100% success rate so far. They have now been planted into styrofoam cups with two drainage holes on the very bottom of the cup into some Fox Farm Light Warrior. I figure well hit the lights tomorrow and i'm sure things will be ready for some pictures before too long.


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Well heres a little bit of an update, most of them sprouted up around the same time, but there was a few slower sprouters. Hopefully soon they shall be going to 1 gal pots. What do you guys ususally ph your water to for a soil grow? I shoot for 6.5 but have been told i might wanna try around 7?


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One of the kitties decided to have a midnight snack on a few of my plants last night. I don't think I really care for cats much anymore.

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