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Rockwool cubes

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Do I need to soak my cubes with my starts in them ,before I put them on top of the slabs??.They kind of feel a little dry, but not too bad. So will the cube become too dry ,even though the slabs are wet?? Don't want to ruin the lil planties.:thanks:
Can you rephrase your question? I do not understand what advise you are asking for. Are your starts your seedling? What slabs are you putting your cubes on? Maybe some pics of your set may help.
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My Starts are clones. They are starting to poke thru the 4x4's and are a bit dry. Im about three days from planting on Rockwool slabs 36x12x3 So would it hinder the growth with a light cube dip??:thanks:
Not 100% sure but I do not believe a "dip" would do any harm.