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Rogue River and Medical Marijuana Center Reach Agreement

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The Herbal Pain Management Center will keep its name and a door between the medical marijuana clinic and a cafe.

When Bob and Sheryl Rabitoy wanted to move the center to 100 Depot St. last year, the city made it conditional on changing the name to the Herb Shop and walling off the center from the Rabitoys' adjoining cafe.

The state Land Use Board of Appeals mediated and an agreement was reached: The center could keep its original name and the door between it and the cafe could stay, provided the door remained locked on the cafe side.

A hearing Thursday ended with the City Council approving the agreement on a 4-1 vote. Dave Ehrhardt cast the opposing vote. Councilor John Schaefer was absent.

Ehrhardt explained Friday he didn't think the Rabitoys were doing enough to limit traffic through the door between the cafe and the clinic. "I think the people of this community and the city have been very patient with this whole thing and very accommodating.

"I was just very frustrated at how they (the Rabitoys) were interpreting what we thought was an agreement," Ehrhardt said.

Under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act of 1998, the center helps victims of AIDS, cancer and other chronic medical conditions apply to the state for cards to use cannabis as a pain reliever and sedative.

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