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I would like to use a four plant grow exclusively to make bubble hash
Those beautiful temple balls that Frenchy makes has me hooked.
I have a decent washing machine, bags, and I'v learned how to sieve.
Considering my last grow which was 24 zips
Whats a reasonable expectation of yield?
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So 10% would be an absolute minimum?
And 15% would be easily attainable?
Your probably safe to assume 10+% your plants always look good. But it can be lower than that. 15% is what I use for rough estimates from trim and popcorn. I've not had anything go over 30 for me yet but I don't run full nugs either.


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Hey @Stunned
You’ve been around since 2017... you’ve been here for a while! I haven’t saw you around at all, you just getting back to the mag? anyways... it’s good to see more Albertans! Come down to the Alberta growers lounge located in my signature and say hey! :ciao:

Im interested in how much you get out of a yield also! :popcorn:
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