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just wondering who's got one and who uses one?

how much was it? what size? how do you use it?

i have a rizza or rizzla not sure but its blunt size
orange and blue
only cost me 2.40 at this tobacco store.

all you gotta do is fill it...then close it.....roll down so it packs then fit paper in the little crack then roll down again....and lick the sticky ((probably the most basic one))


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I have a Chills roller that rolls large cones. Only problem is it's a little rough on blunt wraps and usually tears them if you try it. I use Zig-Zag King Size in it. I don't use it often because I rather roll by hand.


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I have a 70mm and a king size 110 mm roller. I love my rollers... without them I think I would have the A LOT of trouble rolling them by hand, but with my rollers I have a travel size joint/blunt in less than 5 mins.:60::peace:


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I use to have a roller, I have no clue where it is now. I must of misplaced it years ago. I don't need it anyone cuz I can roll a perfect jay pretty quickly. But the roller did make some nice little joints, the only bad part about it was that it sometimes packed the herb to tight and then it was hard to hit the joint.
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