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Romulans in my Closet!


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ChicoCrops said:
Hey, ya I think we cut them early. That was only 1 plant we started from seed. We still have 3 other plants still under the light. But i'm real curious, do ur nugs smell like hay when they're drying? My nugs dont smell like weed right now, and I was hoping they would develop the smell and taste during the curing but I dont think they will.
Also, I had these drying in the attic, and it got real hot yesterday. It was 104 degrees up there so the nugs kinda cooked and they feel real brittle and dry. The stems definatly snap clean. So anything I can/should do to treat these? I know take some orange peals to moisen it up a bit. But, is this weed gonna be bad if it doesn't smell like weed right now?


well, that plant u got hanging was too young when u chopped it, that's a big reason why your weed duzn't smell the way it's suppose to. Secondly, drying in the attic was another mistake, especially since it gets hotter up there because heat rises, let alone if it's a hot day, it's hotter up there. When it got, too hot up there, it basically TOTALLY De-HYDRATED Ur buds, it sucked up all the moisture, including any "sticky icky" that was on ur buds...
DRYING and CURING ARE VERY IMPORTANT; they play a big part on how your final product will turn out. I suggest for the remaining plants that you wait until the buds are mature, then cut them AND hang them somewhere that's cool, dark, and has GOOD VENTILATION... and when u cure, put in AIR TIGHT glass jars, and also store in a cool dark place, and just open the jar like once or twice a day, keep it open for a couple minutes (for the gasses to exchange) then close it back up, and repeat every day; until ur buds have NO MORE WATER moisture and all the moisture is from the resin.. usually takes a couple weeks. BUT DEFINATELY DON'T DRY IN THE ATTIC!!:peace: :51:


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Whatss happenin yall......thanks for the advice every1. I definatly shouldn't have dryed it in the attic, b/c it got 110 up there 1 day and I brought em down and they were crispy as hell!! So, we made some bommb ass edibles :)
And actually now that we've jarred and cured that weed, it actually turned out real nice and crystally. Smokes pretty well...
We just chopped down our 2 Rom clones today. I have the whole plant hanging upside down in my closet with a fan circulating air around. There so fat and smell rediculous.
Here's some photos of the 2 roms drying. These females are 15 weeks old. Started as clones from the CC and went under the 430 HPS on January 15. We vegged them for 5 full weeks and on their 6th week started flowering them for 10 weeks.


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looks like an episode of bizzaro the comic strip with that hug bush floating upside down in the closet like that! :allgood:

man i wish i knew how to grow monster plants as nice looking as that! hehe ill be moving up to chico soon think you could show me your grow secrets? haha congrats on the grow man!
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