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Ron Paul wins California Straw Poll


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September 18, 2011. Los Angeles. The California state Republican fall convention was held this weekend in Los Angeles. One of the most anticipated activities was the California Presidential Straw Poll. When the state party released the results last night, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign was proudly claiming victory. Not only did Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) win the official straw poll in the nation's largest state, the Texas Congressman received more votes than the second and third place finishers combined.

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Ron Paul to Receive Endorsement of New Jersey State Sen. Mike Doherty

Garden State’s top conservative goes all in for Dr. Paul

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will receive the endorsement of New Jersey State Senator Michael J. Doherty (R-23) on Monday, September 26th at a noon press conference on the steps of the New Jersey State House, located in Trenton.

“New Jersey’s motto is ‘Liberty and prosperity’ so it is fitting that a tireless proponent of these values is stepping forward to endorse Ron Paul, the nation’s undisputed champion of personal and economic freedom,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Said Sen. Doherty:

“Now more than ever, the United States needs a leader who respects the Constitution and who will return liberty and prosperity to the American people.

“We need a leader who will use our military only when it is absolutely necessary to defend the national security interests of the United States, and who will stop engaging our military in wasteful and unconstitutional nation building exercises.

“We need a leader who will stand up to the Federal Reserve to stop the destruction of the dollar, and to protect savers, retirees and the middle class. We need a leader who recognizes that there can be no liberty and freedom unless we respect private property rights.

“There is only one candidate for President who meets that description. His name is Ron Paul, and it is my great honor and privilege to endorse him for President of the United States.”

Sen. Doherty is serving his first term in the New Jersey Senate, after serving four terms in the New Jersey General Assembly. By most measures, he is the most conservative legislator in New Jersey. Sen. Doherty’s record has earned him repeated endorsements and top ratings from pro-business groups, industry associations, Second Amendment rights organizations and prolife advocacy groups.

Sen. Doherty graduated with a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned his J.D. at Seton Hall University School of Law. Achieving the rank of Captain in the Army, he has extensive military experience including living and working in Germany where his top secret contributions helped deter possible Soviet aggression during the Cold War. Sen. Doherty has three active-duty sons serving in the military.

Event details are as follows.

Monday, September 26, 2011

12:00 p.m. Eastern
State Sen. Mike Doherty endorses Ron Paul
New Jersey State House Steps
125 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608-1101


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There are a few true representatives out there. Unfortunately most of them think like this:

Then, in turn we realize this more and more:


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....not a big fan of the paul....but than again I'm black, and when I see the birchers around....you can bet I'm concerned....
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