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Rookie Fundamental Supercrop vs LST


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hey all...just harvested my first plant and although the smoke is real good,,..tastes good..very potent..I got like 12 grams lol. so...took the two clones off my first plant..LST one and supercrop the other. we are 17 days into flowering. take note these are bagseeds..from some very good reefer. well as the title says...I want to make sure the fundamentals are being addressed. I guess this would qualify as an organic grow..because Im a cheapass, my local nursery dropped the humblodt nutrients line so I picked up a qt. of grow and bloom for $20 also my hydro store turned me on to some OM by sumagrow. I have read great things about this sumagrow. mainly I want the experience of growing techniques. and better yield. PH is 6.5 on the LST and 6.7 on the supercrop ..the supercrop plant looks healthier and its flowering a little better.


promix organic

using R/O water

OM by sumagrow

humboldt nutes grow

humboldt nutes bloom

390 watts of CFL


wish me luck!


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well...Im gettin sold on LST..she is becoming a monster !! the supercrop plant is really healthy. needs a little defoliation..I dont like doing that...much rather tuck leaves under etc. both got 1 ml of grow and 5 ml of bloom..thanks for watching:thanks:


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thanks man...Im a rookie I cant say enough about the suma grow!!! Im in awe especially for a rookie its great, easy and expensive ...$50 a qt. have three flowering clones also my first...rooted in soil with a root stimulator..gave them a small dose of suma grow and WOW they took off..its cool because with these clones (flowering) Im starting with three tops!!....there is one you will see that I havnt toped since it took root, think I will let it go and see..well the supercrop plant has much bigger and more mature buds..but, the LST plant is comin on ...seems growth is slower for whatever reason and I think she is going to go longer. sure of it. they were feed with Balanced PH water last monday. next week they get more suma grow!! so far been using free samples, but gonna have to buy some. :peace:


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yeah your rite uncle ..she got a little nute burn when I started using the suma grow..PH is mid six..a little nitrogen def.. I think. hey Im a rookie!!! but I think the LST girl is gonna finish strong. today is 37 days flowering

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