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RooR bong or Vaporizer?


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I'm aware of the sponsors and I will look at them.

My question is should I get a RooR bong or a Vaporizer? The vaporizer most likely being a Silver Surfer.

I currently have a bong and it works good but it's hard to clean out. More recently I've noticed when I rinse it out, that there is white clouds it looks like on the back of the glass. I have no idea why they are there but I can't clean it and it's just a bit odd. Anyone know why?
I feel like it's time I get a nice ROOR bong, thinking a nice true glass on glass.
I don't know though I think I could have fun with a Vaporizer, probably Silver Surfer. I feel the bong is too satisfying though and the vaporizer might be not as good.

What's your thoughts?

Thank you?


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vaporizers are great for conserving the herb, nice clean high too. have you ever hit a vaporizer through a bong? omg thatll get ya high
the "white clouds" are from hard water build up, any minerals in the water will be left behind after the water dries up.


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Hard water build up? So I put salt in my bong one time, because I thought it would clean it. Is that why I have the clouds? It seemed only after that they appeared.

Well I really don't know what I want. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a vaporizer and not be satisfied. I know I'll be satisfied with a ROOR, but vaporizer is probably the most health efficient. I still am skeptical on any fumes that come from the insides of a vaporizer with plastics, wires, and other things.


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buy a volcano from our sponsors, i use mine religiously.
then buy a roor later for when you really feel the urge for a bong rip, that's what i do.
other than that, the volcano keeps me happy and medicated 24/7 and has for years.
good luck with your decision!


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Vape up an bong out, that's how I get down!


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From the one time i have ever used a vape, i can tell you it was one of the best high experiences i have ever had.

The high was clear, and everything was perfect. I had only a smudge of a body high, enough to feel the energy, but not enough to distract my mind. Me and my friend sat in chairs, relaxing (NOT couch lock though) and clear minded. Everything felt so perfect. It was one of those times where all you need to enjoy life is just to know you can sit there.

Also, i didn't crash, even though i was insanely high.

I don't know how to explain it. We sat outside, watching cars pass. I felt totally contempt with myself. It was amazing. That is true medication, what we smoked. (we were lighting up a bud of bella donna mind you.. so maybe it was a mix of the belle high and the vape).
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