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Roor Bongs

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Anyone know if you can buy Roor bongs in Ca, not mail order just a shop that sells them outright, I'd like ti check them out in person, also anyone care to rate them ? Thanks guys :peace: :roorrip:
I've smoked from one ONCE and it was everything everyone says they are.

This is just a matter of opinion, but when I drop money on glass in the future, it'll either go to Sov, Toro, or illadelph. Roor is great, but I'm just seeing other things I like a little better.
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I;m heading to S.B. tomorrow found a nice glass shop with a great selection, great prices too. Thanks for the reply illest
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illest, Damn man I looked up illadelph, whoa check some of their stuff on utube that glass is more artwork than anything. I'd hate to get them dirty !! I'll probably look for a local glass artisen , and wait till money is more available for a Roor or illadelph piece, which would be something I'd like to have as an art piece that would be used on special occasions (like 420 in the afternoon) .:peace:
Yeah - illadelph is nice. There is an interview that was done in their shop on youtube, I think. Man - insane glass.

Sovereignty glass, though - makes my eyes tear up a bit, they are so pretty. I think it's worth the money to wait and save a little more, then get something that you can see the quality in. You should check out the HOPS ash-catcher, as an accessory for your tube - keeps the tube a little cleaner, and he did invent the inline bubbler that is used in the ash catcher.
hey ol hippy, did you find any roors in sb? there IS a place on the central coast :3:
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hey ol hippy, did you find any roors in sb? there IS a place on the central coast :3:
I found Dementia Glass on the corner of State St. and Mission St. on State they have a great collection of Roor and others nice people too , bought me a nice Roor with a nice bubbler tube foe 250 !!I'll post some pics later..:peace: P.S. Thats in Downtown Santa Barbara
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Good luck ol hippy, hope you find the one you are looking for.
Howdy Wingman, yep I got one this morning a nice Roor beaker bottom 5mm glass with a bubbler downtube !! Nice bong can't wait ti use it tonight when my girlfriend gets home !!Will post a pic later
Very nice. I like the crazy color on your label. :peace:
How does she smoke? I would really love to own a RooR, but my situation requires discretion and bongs are a hard thing to keep secret.