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I have 5 clones of Maple Leaf Indica going rite now getting 7-8 full hours of sunlight...They are about 2ft with not many branches shooting off...They started slow because when i got them some were not quite fully rooted...Actually they never seem to gotten out of flowering all the way.

They have since done well the last 2wks but don't seem to have the thick branches and Mass root system needed for flowering, what NUTES are best for Root ans Stalk Growth????

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How much veg time did they get? Veg is important for the two things you're inquiring about: root system and stalk growth.

Roots need Phosphorous, and your stalk/canopy will need Nitrogen to develop better, which may not be beneficial because your in flower I believe?


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Didnt get much Veg at all, they went threw hell for about 2wks being moved around b4 i got them....Yea they kinda stuck a little in flowering...Hell there is red hairs but no buds lol But its growing though, we'll see what happens...

So its not too late to add these Nutrients is it? I wouldn't think but any info be great thanks bones


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River: to get your stalks bulked up look into a couple things.

Superthrive: it will help roots

Seakelp additive: will help fatten up them stalks, and help with growth, you can soil feed and foiliar feed. You can buy a bigass bottle of this from any real garden store for like 8 bucks. find cold pressed sea kelp

Compost/Worm Casting Tea: I am a very strong advocate of using compost or worm casting tea's. It is proven to bulk up any plant whether they are fruits, vegetables, greens whatever. This is due to beneficial bacteria and fungi having symbiotic relationship with the plant itself both living off each other and providing equal benefits causing explosive and healthy growth.
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