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Hey yall, So this saturday night that just passed I changed my res and everything looked ok except a couple roots looked like they had a film. Sunday night everything looked good and than monday night a few of my roots had massive boogers on them like they had a runny knose. Now from container is light tight and I have 2 Large Round Airstones with a dual ouput air pump so water never stays stagnent. So last night I took all my compost i was making put it in a cloth tied up and left it in the res.

From what I read this is a slime that can grow no matter what even if all your conditions are perfect. So since this slime grew basically overnight today I built another DWC resevoir, added nutes, an ounce of Hydrogen Peroxide to my nute solution, took 2 brand new Large Round Airstones and a New dual outlet airpump. My first dwc setup is an Emilys Garden DWC system. The new one is home made. So what I did was empties all the Hydroton out of the Emilys Garden pots and gentally worked the roots through the Pots Holes. (The roots hadn't balled up yet and will still short enough for this to be possible with our Harm to the Roots) Actually the slime looked mostly gone off the roots at the moment but was still there somewhat. I have watered down the roots and hydroton stuck in the root /system and placed these in to my new res. I will be thoroughly rinsing and sterilizing my old hydroton before reusing.

Where I live Winter Temp Lows were 56 degrees Farenheit. I'm not so good with Celcius, and my summer Temps can be some of the hottest in the USA. On average my tent stays at 85-92 degrees farenheit and 35% humidity when the lights are on and can get down to high 70s - low 80s at night with a humidity of 51%

By the way all my nutrients are Advanced Nutrients.

Sensi Bloom, Rhino, Carboload, & Cal-MG Bloom.

My Real Questions are:

1. Has anyone ever tried re-potting a Plant that came from a DWC system with Success? If so what was the reason. Was it the Root Boogers a.k.a Slime?

2. Good this help me reduce my chances of these Boogers/Slime from regrowing? If not will buying Sensizyme help reduce the risk of the Booger/Slime regrowing in the res? (The Hydro shop guy recommended the Sensizyme. He says it will reduce prevent the Root Booger/Slime from recurring once I transplanted into the new res.)

3. I do believe my res temps are in the high 70s - low 80s. I can't buy a res chiller till tax returns come in in about 14 Days. What is a good method of getting my water chilled temporarily till then that won't make a huge mess? I have been thinking of the frozen water bottle method but i have read that this could do more good than harm in special cases?

4. My next question is that I can spend 300 - 400 dollars on a res cooler or I can spend 50-300 for used or new Window AC Units. Will the Window AC unit put in the tent help keep the res temps cool enough or should I suck it up and only the get the res cooler.

Sorry I didn't have pictures of the booger slime to show you of my own but below is a couple pictures that show what I'm talking about.

Below is a pic of the slime I'm getting but my roots are all white none are brown what so ever.



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Well, first off your reservoir temps are way too high. You really need them right around 68F, if you are at 70 or over, this is what happens.

Your air temps are a bit high too. But lowering the air temps to around mid 70's will only lower the reservoir temps to that.

I'll agree with your local guy, get some Sensizyme or I use Hygrozyme. They do about the same thing. Even if you are not transplanting, it can be helpful with higher temps in the reservoir.

Reservoir coolers are expensive. Which is why I made my own using a dorm fridge. There are a couple of posts in DIY oh how to make them. I think mine cost about $150 and it can keep three 10 gallon reservoirs right at 68. I'd worry more about the reservoir temps than the air temps right now.

Hope this Helps


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Well I did some more researching because to acquire the supplies needed to fix the problem is only 100 bucks less than I can find a real chiller for so I did more research and found a lot about beneficial bacteria killing the slime. Most of these tell you to make a compost tea.

Well for the past few months I have been brewing my own compost for such a purpose as making a tea. Sooooo..... what I decided to do was cut a pant leg off some nylon mesh pants and put all my compost in there and tied it up. Since making a compost tea takes 3 - 5 days approx. to make I decided to put the sack of compost straight in to my res until I had the chance to change it out in the morning. Remember I spotted this at like 2 in the morning. So the next days when I got a chance I busted out one of my new DWC system I hand made with 18 Gallon Res for Two Plants.

Well to do this I would have to transplant my existing plants into new containers. Thank god for the Emilys Garden Setup and Net Buckets used it made it quite simple to get the few roots I had through the holes since there was no new root ball formed to untangle yet.

So when I took these plants out of the res. that had the compost brewing into a tea inside the res. the roots were damn near perfectly clean. There was still a very small bit of slime all roots where white still and i was able to rinse the slime that was still sticking to the roots off. I still went ahead with the transplant I have a video up showing the new setup the link is.

HowtoGrowCannabis's Channel - YouTube

Everything is looking still very nice and I'll be waiting to see if the slime returns in the new res. I will be buying a res cooler in approx 4 days to keep the slime from coming around in the first place.
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